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Bike Helmet Hair – Tips To Fix Bad Hair For Guys & Women (Commuting & Casual)

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More people are turning to cycle for health benefits and environmentalism.

Whether riding to work or casual duties, helmets become necessary and bring the problem of helmet hair.

Bike helmet hair can be annoying and frustrating.

Luckily, we can avoid any embarrassment by following a few simple tips.

Dealing with helmet hair in guys

Helmets leave a wave in a guy’s head, especially when it’s longer.

And no one wants to turn up to work with a “bad hair day”!

Male riders can do the following to deal with bad helmet hair.

Use hair putty


If you want to keep your hair under control while wearing a helmet, try wax or putty.

Waxes are best for men who have slicked-back styles because they tend not to stay in place when applied properly- but hold well on medium-length locks that are textured enough already!

Men often use wax or gels to make their hair look good under a helmet, but these products can cause unwanted waves.

Use a comb!


One of the best ways to deal with helmet hair is by using one or two combs or hairbrushes.

You can purchase these inexpensive accessories online and bring them on your journey so that you don’t need any extra tools while out riding!

A comb only works if your mane has simple styles like side-swept bangs which will stay put after use without too much hassle due to its grip-like texture.

However, this same principle also applies against brush bristles because they’re softer than metal ones (and won’t leave behind scratches).

Airbag helmet

An airbag helmet? You bet!

It is a protective piece of headgear (or should we say, “neckgear”?) that gives you peace of mind without affecting your hair because you don’t actually have the device sitting flat on your hair.

Research from Stanford University has shown that airbag helmets potentially have a higher safety score than standard helmets.

A good example is the Hovding airbag helmet.

Video: Hovding Airbag Helmet Review

The downside of these inflatable airbag helmets is the prohibitive cost.

We’re talking over 300 Euros. Ouch!

If you’re going for a standard helmet (and you want to try one of our other helmet hair fixes), you can opt for a Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS), which is a little better than basic helmets in protection.

MIPS can cost a lot less than airbag helmets.

We have a guide to commuter bike helmets if you want more info.

Of course, you need to check the law within your country to see if these are legal before buying.

Change hairstyle (like, just shave it all off!)

This should be the last resort if the other methods are not working for you.

Some men have found that shaving their heads completely solves the problem.

If your employer isn’t too snobby, this could be the way to go.

And some people actually prefer this look (and don’t have to wash their hair each day, hehe)

How to prevent helmet hair in women

You’ve just spent a small fortune having your hair done.

The last thing you want is to have it destroyed by a helmet after a bike ride.

Not to generalize, as men are often the same, but women are often concerned about their general appearance after a ride, and this relates to hair and sweat.

Here are some ideas to help prevent helmet hair and enjoy your ride to work or your casual errands.

Styling your hair before putting on the helmet

Wearing a helmet can result in an uninteresting, sweaty, and unattractive look.

To help avoid this issue, it’s best to style your locks before wearing one of these “hair destroyers”:

  1. Your helmet should be cleaned regularly and keep your hair clean before putting on a helmet.
  2. You can choose to wear a buff headband or a cycling cap over the hair to minimize damage from the helmet.
  3. Copy French women, who cover the hair with a satin headscarf under the helmet. This material protects hair breakage, tangling, and reduced friction with the helmet. The satin material also absorbs sweat.

Hairstyles for women who cycle

There are several hairstyles and types, and each requires different products and application tips.

A hairstylist can advise on the ideal style and products to use when using a helmet.

It will help reduce care and styling after your ride.

Options include;


female cyclist in ponytail and helmet riding a bike outdoorsPin

It is the most popular hairstyle and very appealing if well styled.

It prevents your hair from flailing around when you cycle and also gives an attractive look.

The method is simple, comb the hair and tie it with an elastic band.

Headband braid

This is done by plaiting your hair on the hairline side to allow it to make a headband.

Tuck the excess hair and secure the remaining to form a ponytail.

The original hairstyle is easily put back after the ride.

Front part braids

It is similar to a headband, only that the hair parted at the center into two plaits.

The two plaits are held together using a band, and it is helmet-friendly.

The Bun

female cyclist in hair bun and helmet looking away outdoorsPin

Female cyclists can use this hairstyle in several ways- ballerina bun, low bun, side bun, and sock buns.

It works well once you know how to remove the helmet, to prevent damaging the hairstyle.

Headscarf and wraps

It is an ideal method that prevents hair loss and hides unpleasant hairstyles.

Cover the head with a headband or a scarf.

You only need to run your fingers through the hair or shake it after removing the helmet.

Messy looks

This is a helmet-friendly method that only requires you to add a root booster and spray the hair with salt spray, then pin it down.

The hairstyle is not affected when you remove the helmet.

Katniss slanted braid

hairdresser braiding client's hair in katniss slanted braid stylePin

It is a hairstyle that fits any available helmet, and it is fashionable to cycle with this style.

Video: Hairstyles For Female Cyclists

Post cycle hair treatment For women

Maintaining an attractive look after the ride is possible by applying simple tips like…

Pack a natural bristle brush



Brush your hair immediately after removing the helmet.

It lifts and cools the hair.

Use dry shampoo

Use it to work on hair roots and brush after.

It is ideal because it cleans your hair without wetting it.

Get the right dry shampoo, depending on whether your hair is curly or long.

You can also apply shampoo before riding to keep the hair flat.

Avoid heating appliances

After riding to work in the sun during summer, avoid using heating appliances on your hair.

The hair strands may stick out when you remove the helmet.

In essence…

Use the above products to help you tackle bike helmet hair.

You can take them in a cycling backpack or a compact messenger bag with your other commuter accessories.

If you follow these guidelines, you will hopefully enjoy the cycling experience without worrying about helmet hair.

And try not to stress it 🙂

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