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Increase your bicycle knowledge by learning about general maintenance, how bikes work and how to repair your bike. We also look at ways to improve your cycling fitness
Woman folding up a foldable bike

Why Are Some Folding Bikes So Expensive?

Folding bikes that fold into small portable bundles might seem like novelty bikes. So, they should be cheap, right? In truth, folding bikes can cost a lot of money at…

mountain bikes on top of a car roof rack

How To Protect Bikes On A Bike Rack

Transporting bikes on a bike rack is not meant to damage them in theory. But in practice, things can go wrong. Bikes often move on racks to some degree, which…

Man riding on a commuter bike

What Is The Average Commuter Bike Speed?

Are you thinking of bike commuting and wondering how long the journey will take? To find the answer, it helps to know what the average commuter bike speed is. Maybe…

Woman in shoulder bag riding her bike to work

Bike Commuting Blogs That We LOVE

Bike commuting is a wonderful way to stay healthy, save money and help the environment. It can also be fun, especially if you feel inspired. How do you stay inspired?…

Man with backpack and helmet holding his commuter bike

Is A Hybrid Bike Good For Commuting?

By name and nature, a hybrid bike is a versatile machine, but is it a good bike for commuters? This article looks at the pros and cons of a hybrid…