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Learn more about Bikes to help you become a Better Cyclist
Increase your bicycle knowledge by learning about general maintenance, how bikes work and how to repair your bike. We also look at ways to improve your cycling fitness
Bike hanging on a white wall in an apartment

Bike Storage In Apartment Ideas

When you live in an apartment, or flat as it’s known in some places, your bike storage options may be few. If you’re lucky, you might have a garage nearby…

Female pedaling bike on a gravel path on a dry day

Why Is My Bike So Hard To Pedal?

Cycling is a fun and exhilarating form of exercise. Until it’s not. One way that cycling might not be fun is when your bike is hard to pedal. Struggling to…

Saddle bag attached to seatpost

How To Attach A Saddle Bag To A Bike

A saddle bag lets you carry bike tools and personal items on the bike discreetly. It avoids the need to overfill your pockets or use up other valuable bike space….

Cyclist carrying his bike on his shoulder

What Is The Average Weight Of A Bike?

Bike weight is something many keen cyclists obsess over, perhaps to an unwarranted degree. But a bike’s weight does affect various aspects of cycling. If you’re just taking up cycling…

Man riding on gravel bike on the road

What Is The Average Bike Speed?

The question of speed is often on the minds of us cyclists. We ponder the big issues. How fast can I ride? What is the average bike speed and how…

Man suffering from hemorrhoid pain

Can Cycling Cause Hemorrhoids?

The three main contact points on a bike are all critical to your riding comfort. Saddles, handlebars, and pedals all have the potential to inflict pain or discomfort. Sometimes the…