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What type of bicycle do you want to ride?

Are you looking for the speed of a road bike, or do you want to go off-road on a mountain or gravel bike?

Learn how to choose the right bike and how to look after it so that it keeps you riding for years to come


Are you a novice rider who wants to get into better shape or a mother wanting some much-needed exercise for the family?

We’ve got all kinds of cycling tips and guides in our knowledge section guaranteed to make riding a bike more fun!


From helmets to tires, and everything in between.

The gear section has all the information you need on bike accessories and components so that you’ll be fully equipped for your next cycling adventure


Looking to ride your bike to work?

Our bike commuting section has all the tips and gear info you need to get going.

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Mark Whitley, cycling enthusiast and founder

About Bike Push

Just getting into cycling or wanting to take yourself from beginner to advanced cyclist? We have plenty of info to take you to the next level:

  • Detailed guides on bikes and accessories
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of cycling
  • Maintenance how-to guides
  • Gear reviews without bias or sponsorship

Bike Push is a cycling resource hub that I wish I had available to me when I got back into cycling.