About BikePush

BikePush is a bicycle commuting website that was established on 22nd August 2020.

It was founded by Mark Whitley, who has been an urban cyclist for the last 10 years.

Mark cycles around 10,000 kilometres every year. He rides bikes for utility cycling and for getting around the city.

With this experience, Mark decided to create the BikePush website and social media channels to help other town and city cyclists learn more about riding to work and urban cycling.

BikePush logo
BikePush logo

BikePush helps new and experienced cyclists learn more theory around bike commuting, more on different commuting bike types and what commuter cycle gear to wear and use.


If you need a quote from an expert or a comment source for an article, please contact our founder, Mark Whitley via LinkedIn.

Mark is available to comment on all bicycle commuting and utility cycling questions.

Address and Phone Number

Looking to reach out? You can get in touch with us through the social media buttons provided below, through our mailing address, or you can contact us directly.

951 20th St #180
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Phone: +1 303 397 6862

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The BikePush Team

Founder and Chief Editor – Mark Whitley

In 2014, Mark reignited his passion for riding two wheels and regularly hits the city roads and bike trails.

Mark wants to share the knowledge he has acquired over the last 10 years to help beginner bike commuters and those wanting to learn more about riding bikes.

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Writer – Glenn Harper

When Glenn is not contributing articles to BikePush, he can often be found cycling on the rural roads of France.

Like many people, Glenn rides a bike for his mental and physical well-being as well as for general bike commuting. If he can help you benefit from bicycling in some small way, he’ll consider it a win.

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How Does BikePush Create Commuter Cycling Content?

BikePush has a team of experienced freelance writers that produce quality, easy-to-follow content. All of it is scrutinised by the Chief Editor and will not be published, unless it hits the grade.

BikePush tries to produce hands-on reviews primarily. When we cannot do this, we heavily research customer reviews to build a picture of what is bad, what is good, and what’s the best – from an independent standpoint.

All of our team spend many hours in bike shops and fiddling around with our bikes. Sharing the knowledge on the BikePush website is the best way we can help everyone else with their bike riding!

Read the full BikePush editorial guidelines here.

Bicycle Safety & Community

We take bike safety very seriously. Cyclists are more at risk of injury than other road users. This can be greatly reduced with the right attitude used by cyclists AND other road users.

Resources on cycling safety and community we highly regard and often reference:

What Next?

Head over to the BikePush home page to see our latest content. Also, check out the menu at the top of the screen to navigate to any particular aspect of bicycle commuting.

If you’re looking to start bike commuting or improve your commuting knowledge, we have a bike commuter tips page to get you on your way.

Mark Whitley
Article By:
Mark is the founder of BikePush, a bicycle commuting website. When he's not working on BikePush, you can find him out riding.