About Us

Welcome to Bike Push! Our mission is clear and simple:

Everyone. Ride. Bikes.

Bike Push was founded in August 2020, because we want everyone to ride bikes. Kids, adults, grandmas….. everyone!

We are a beginner-friendly site that busts complicated jargon to make all aspects of cycling easier to understand and help everyone to join in.

Bike riding is becoming more and more popular as people ditch their cars for more environmentally-friendly transport modes and people want to live a healthier lifestyle.

And the great thing is that there’s a bicycle type for everyone. Fast (road), off-road (MTB), and everything in between, including hybrids, gravel bikes, tourers, cyclocross and cruisers.

Even in places around the world where the infrastructure may not be the best, it doesn’t matter! We believe EVERYONE should have the privilege to ride two wheels. It’s good for you and it’s good for the planet.

What’s not to love?

So, in essence, we want to help you by:

  • Publishing tips and guides to help everyone become better cyclists (old and new riders)
  • Helping readers decide what cycling gear and accessories they may or may not need
  • Breaking down cycling terms and jargon so that they don’t feel like another language
  • Providing reviews and round-ups of the best bikes and accessories
  • Publishing the latest cycling info

And if you don’t want to pedal and you want a little help along, ebikes are becoming insanely popular. We’ve got them covered too!

The Bike Push Team

Founder and Chief Editor – Mark Whitley

Mark is the founder of Bike Push.

In 2014, he reignited his passion for riding two wheels and regularly hits the roads and bike trails with his cycling buddies.

Every day is a learning day for Mark, and he wants to share the knowledge he has acquired over the last few years with beginners and those wanting to learn more about riding bikes.

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Writer – Glenn Harper

When I’m not contributing articles to Bike Push, I can often be found cycling on the rural roads around me.

On rainy days, I might roll around Watopia (on Zwift).

Like many people, I ride a bike for my mental and physical well-being. If I can help you benefit from bicycling in some small way, I’ll consider it a win.

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How Do We Create The Content?

We have a team of experienced freelance writers that produce quality, easy-to-follow content. All of it is scrutinized by the Chief Editor and will not be published, unless it hits the grade.

We always try to produce hands-on reviews primarily. When we can’t do this, we heavily research customer reviews to build a picture of what is bad, what is good, and what’s the best – from an independent standpoint.

All of our team spend many hours in bike shops and fiddling around with our bikes. Sharing the knowledge on this website is the best way we can help everyone else!

Read our full editorial guidelines here.

Bicycle Safety & Community

We take bike safety very seriously. Cyclists can unfortunately face a higher risk of injury than other road users. This can be greatly reduced with the right attitude used by cyclists AND other road users.

Resources on cycling safety and community we highly regard and often reference:

What Next?

Head over to our home page to see the latest content. Also, check out the menu at the top of the screen to navigate to any particular aspect of biking.

If you’re looking to start commuting or improve your commuting game, we have a bike commuter tips page to get you on your way.

Ride safe and have fun!

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