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Welcome to bikepush.com

Our main objective is to help our readers build their cycling knowledge using the following ways:

  • By publishing tips and guides to help everyone become better cyclists
  • To help readers decide what cycling gear and accessories they may or may not need
  • Breaking down cycling terms and jargon so that they don’t feel like another language
  • Providing reviews and round-ups of the best bikes and accessories
  • Publishing the latest cycling info

Bike riding is becoming more and more popular as people ditch their cars for more environmentally-friendly transport modes and people want to live a healthier lifestyle. The great thing is that there’s a bicycle type for everyone. Fast (road), off-road (MTB), and everything in between, including hybrids, gravel bikes, tourers, cyclocross and cruisers – we have you covered.

Even if fitness isn’t your main goal, or if you want a little help along, ebikes are becoming insanely popular. We’ve got them covered too!

Founder and Chief Editor

Hi, my name is Mark, and I’m the founder of Bike Push.

I have over 20 years of cycling experience. From starting off riding drop bar road bikes and a BMX in the ’80s, to mountain bikes in the ’90s and early 2000s. Then life got in the way for a few years. Boo!

Since 2014, I’ve become a road bike fanatic and regularly hit the roads and bike trails with my cycling friends. I’ve fallen in love with cycling again!

I love short social rides and longer (over 100km) day rides alike. If I haven’t done at least 150km of riding in a week, I start feeling guilty that I’m slacking!

Content Manager & Cycling Junkie – Nick W. Kelly

Nick is our marketing guru!

When he’s not sat in front of his laptop working hard *cough*, he’s out on the roads or the trails. As long as he’s on two wheels, he’s happy.

Nick owns a Cannondale Synapse for the road and an old Santa Cruz MTB.

How Do We Create The Content?

We have a team of experienced freelance writers that produce quality, easy-to-follow content. All of it is scrutinized by the Chief Editor and will not be published, unless it hits the grade.

We always try to produce hands-on reviews primarily. When we can’t do this, we heavily research customer reviews to build a picture of what is bad, what is good, and what’s the best – from an independent standpoint.

All of our team spend many hours in bike shops and fiddling around with our bikes. Sharing the knowledge on this website is the best way we can help everyone else!