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About Glenn Harper (writer)

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Hi, Glenn here.

I’ve lived in the Seine Valley, France, for over a decade now. Quite how I got here is almost a mystery to me. A series of unforeseen twists and turns ….

Here, bike rides can be as hilly or flat as you like. They’re never mountainous, which suits me fine. I enjoy riding quickly over gently rolling terrain on a Wilier road bike.

Since 2014, when I ferried my old Dawes Galaxy across the English Channel, I’ve been obsessed with cycling. It’s helped me to meet a few locals and calmed my mind.

Back when Greg LeMond was winning the Tour de France, a young version of me could be found cycling fair distances across Essex, England, where I was born.

In 1989, I toured Europe with a friend. The first time I entered Paris was on a bike. It would’ve been inconceivable to me then that I’d later work there.

I moved to the Parisian suburbs in 2008 with a history of being published as an amateur photographer. I’d been an occasional article writer for UK photo mags. A generous soul gave me a writing job in Paris.

I’ve since created Internet content across a broad range of topics. These include health and fitness, mental wellbeing, photography, lighting, consumer electronics, and travel.

With Bike Push, I’m writing about a true passion. I hope my attention to detail and curious mind will help clarify a few subjects for new cyclists. Integrity and clarity are important to me, and the idea of being helpful always appeals.