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Glenn Harper is a writer for BikePush.

Hi, Glenn here.

I’ve lived in the Seine Valley, France, for over a decade now. Quite how I got here is almost a mystery to me. A series of unforeseen twists and turns ….

Here, bike rides can be as hilly or flat as you like. They’re never mountainous, which suits me fine. I enjoy riding quickly over gently rolling terrain on a Wilier road bike.

Since 2014, when I ferried my old Dawes Galaxy across the English Channel, I’ve been obsessed with cycling. It’s helped me to meet a few locals and calmed my mind.

Back when Greg LeMond was winning the Tour de France, a young version of me could be found cycling fair distances across Essex, England, where I was born.

In 1989, I toured Europe with a friend. The first time I entered Paris was on a bike. It would’ve been inconceivable to me then that I’d later work there.

I moved to the Parisian suburbs in 2008 with a history of being published as an amateur photographer. I’d been an occasional article writer for UK photo mags. A generous soul gave me a writing job in Paris.

I’ve since created Internet content across a broad range of topics. These include health and fitness, mental wellbeing, photography, lighting, consumer electronics, and travel.

With Bike Push, I’m writing about a true passion. I hope my attention to detail and curious mind will help clarify a few subjects for new cyclists. Integrity and clarity are important to me, and the idea of being helpful always appeals.


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When Glenn isn't writing for BikePush, he can often be found cycling on his local rural roads. If he can help you benefit from bicycling in some small way, He’ll consider it a win.