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Bike Clothing

What Clothes should you wear for Cycling?

Choosing the correct cycling apparel and clothing is important for a comfortable ride.

From helmets to protect your head against accidents, to padded shorts for longer rides. We also look at cycling shoes, waterproof jackets, jerseys and more...


It's important to choose the right footwear for your feet.

Why? Well, shoes are usually most important for applying the most amount of energy (watts) from foot to pedal without waste.

Clipless (clip-in) pedals with special cleats help with this, and we cover cycling shoes (and sandals) that use this technology.


Wearing a good pair of bike gloves can be the difference between feeling awful hand numbness (or pain), and a pleasurable pain-free ride.

There's also thermal full-finger gloves for cold winter riding or breathable fingerless gloves for hot summer use.

Our guides review and compare different gloves and aim to help you choose which best suit you for the conditions you cycle in.


Protect you head with a good bike helmet.

With new technologies, like MIPS, bicycle headwear has come on leaps and bounds over the years, and we're here to guide you through the jargon.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets can be worn almost all year round.

They're great for keeping you warm in the cold, stopping the wind and keeping you dry if you get caught in the rain or ride on a wet day.

Breathability is important, so are IP ratings.

Our guides assist you with picking the right one for your needs and to help look after your jacket after you've spent your hard-earned cash on one.

Bike Pants

Looking for a pair of bicycle pants for the cooler months of the year? Or perhaps you don;t want your legs to get wet when it's raining?

Read our guides on pants and shorts to learn more.

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