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Learn more about the following bike commuting gear categories, for a better urban cycling experience
Bike Accessories - Bike Push

Bike Accessories

We have guides on how to use bicycle accessories and offer our recommendations to the right ones for you to use.


Here we talk about the parts that make everything run smoothly: the bike components.

Bike clothing - Bike Push


You need to right apparel for the ride. Waterproof for the wet, breathable for the warm and thermal for the cold.

Bike racks for cars - Bike Push

Bike Racks for Cars

Taking your bike with you on a road trip?

Check out our guides to car bike racks so you can work out what the best racks are for you and your family.

bike storage at home

Bike Storage At Home

Here we look at bike storage solutions for around the home, using racks, hoists and other very clever space-saving solutions.

Bike Commuting Gear Articles

Best Bike Frame Bag

Best Bike Frame Bag

Discover the ultimate companion for every pragmatic cyclist: the bicycle frame bag! This neatly stowed accessory is a must-have for anyone seeking storage convenience on a bike. With their secure…

How To Open A Bike Lock Without A Key

How To Open A Bike Lock Without A Key

Losing the key to your bike lock or forgetting the code to a combination lock can be a frustrating experience. If it happens while you’re away from home, it’s an…

How To Lock A Bike Without A Bike Rack

How To Lock A Bike Without A Bike Rack

Securing your bicycle when a proper rack is nowhere in sight can be quite a problem. In this article, you’ll find essential guidance on how to lock a bike without…

lock helmet to bicycle

How To Lock A Helmet To Your Bicycle

When a bicycle is your main mode of transport, you’re quite likely to wear a bike helmet to protect your most valuable asset. However, what do you do with it…

Thule Vs Yakima Bike Racks

Thule Vs Yakima Bike Racks

In the world of outdoor adventure, where the exhilaration of biking meets the desire for dependable gear transportation, two popular brands continue to inspire: Thule and Yakima. Which of these…

How To Store A Bike In A Dorm Room

How To Store A Bike In A Dorm Room

Are you a college student struggling to find space for your bike in a cramped dorm room? Welcome to the conundrum of dorm-room bike storage – a rite of passage…

Removing A Bike Rack From A Car

How To Remove A Bike Rack From A Car

It’s often straightforward to mount a bike rack onto a car. But is the process of removing bike racks just as easy? Are there any hazards to look out for…

Kuat vs Thule Bike Rack

Kuat vs Thule Bike Rack

Today, we pit Thule and Kuat bicycle racks against each other. Well, they are two rockstars in the rack world, after all – so why not? Whether you’re an avid…