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Bike Helmets

Keep your head safe with a good quality cycling helmet
Bicycle helmets are the best way to stop serious injury or death should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident while riding your bike.
We have guides, reviews and tips on how to choose the right bike helmet for the type of cycling you do - from road cycling to off-road MTB adventures, for adult men and women. Not forgetting the kids!
smiling cyclist wearing his full black bike helmet

Do Bicycle Helmets Expire?

Bicycle helmets are a difficult buying choice for cyclists because, well, why wouldn’t you want to give your head maximum protection when riding? People often spend a lot of money…

4 kids standing with their bikes wearing helmets

Best Cool Kids Helmets

Trying to get your kids to wear a helmet when riding their bikes can often be challenging. While safety might be most important to you, comfort and style can be…

Man cycling on the road wearing a black helmet

Best Commuter Bike Helmets

If there is one area where commuters should copy the pro-cyclists it is, without doubt, the use of a good quality helmet. Just because you have ridden the same roads…