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Learn more about Bikes to help you become a Better Cyclist
Increase your bicycle knowledge by learning about general maintenance, how bikes work and how to repair your bike. We also look at ways to improve your cycling fitness
Man installing bike rack on car roof

How To Install A Bike Rack On An SUV

An SUV usually has space for a bike or two in the trunk, but that space is only there if you don’t have a car full of passengers and luggage….

Clinging plants attached onto old bike wheel used as garden decor

Clever Ways To Reuse Old Bicycle Wheels

In cycling, it’s easy to end up with old bike parts you no longer use. Wheels are no exception. You might’ve upgraded to a new, lighter set of wheels, or…

Two women enjoying their rides on folding bikes

Are Folding Bikes Safe To Ride?

If you ever think about buying a folding bike, one thing you’re likely to ponder is the safety aspect. It’s easy to picture a rickety machine that’s hard to control….