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Bike Components

All the parts of your commuter bike - from tyres to drivetrains to saddles.
Are your tyres bald? Gears not changing the way they used to? Is your saddle a pain in the butt (sorry, terrible pun)?

This is the section where we talk about the different parts that make up a bike. This is where we look at the best bike components for all bicycle commuters.
bicycle brakes


Disc and rim brakes are the most common types of braking mechanisms for bicycles.

We also have numerous guides on how to look after your brakes and troubleshoot braking issues that plague bike brakes from time to time.

drivetrains, cranksets and gears

Drivetrains and Gears

The parts of a bike that drive you along (with some help from your legs of course!).

The terminology, specifications and sizes of these components can be quite confusing for beginner cyclists. We break it all down so you don't have to work it all out for yourself.

Bike Pedals - Bike Push


A lot of beginner cyclists prefer the ease of using flat pedals.

For cyclists who want to transfer as much power as possible into the bike with greater efficiency, there's the option to ride with clipless/clip-in pedals and cleats.

bike wheels and tires

Wheels Tires and Tubes

Should you ride with slicks or treaded tires? Do you need inner tubes or go without and use the tubeless option? What size wheel is best and should you use alloy or carbon?

Our guides will help you choose the right hardware.

Commuting Bicycle Components

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