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Gifts For Bike Commuters – We help you choose the right gear

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Did you know that riding a bike to work helps reduce household emissions by 6%?

Well, that’s how much your bike commuter colleague or friend contributes to sustainability.

What better way to thank them by buying them a little gift to help their contribution to the planet?

The problem for non-cyclists in their search for bike commuter gifts, is that they struggle for ideas.

To help you out, we have compiled this comprehensive list of bike commuter gift ideas to help you find a gift that your colleague will love.

15 best gift ideas for commuters that ride to work

Here are our top picks (for all budgets) for your eco-friendly commuting cyclist:

1. USB rechargeable bike light set

Cygolite Dash Pro 600 / Hotrod 50 Bike Light SetPin


Riding a bike to work is never complete without proper safety, particularly when riding to work in the dark.

To help your bike commuting colleague enhance their riding experience, safety, and brighten their day (or should that be night?), start by getting them a proper bike light set.

This complete lighting set is USB rechargeable that provides an extra layer of riding safety.

Both the headlight and taillight can be easily recharged in the same spot as your phone.

Battery life can last up to 70 hours for the front and 100 hours for the rear.

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2. Cycling Pannier bag

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Panniers Pairs in Red colorPin


Gifting a cycling bag to your colleague will mean less weight on the neck and shoulders from a backpack, and you’ll be thanked for it!

Whether transferring some work files from the office to home or simply bringing a change of clothes and a packed lunch with bottled water to work, the extra storage really helps out.

To add to the aesthetics of the bike, the bags come in different designs, styles, and colors.

As such, you can surprise your colleague with their favorite colored gift.

Make sure you have a pannier rack to hold the bags.

3. Commuter trailer (for seriously big and heavy loads!)


The Barley Travoy Trailer makes a great bike commuter gift because of the extra flexibility it provides to the riding experience.

It comes designed to accompany a bike commuter everywhere they go because of its lightweight nature.

With it, you won’t have to worry about traversing different boardroom meetings or separate training sessions.

The trailer comes with an easy-to-attach seat post hitch, a cargo storage compartment, tie-down straps, and can ferry up to 60 pounds of cargo.

For extra convenience, the trailer also folds into a compact briefcase allowable inside buildings.

4. Bike tool with L-wrench and tire lever



With a Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool, your bike commuter buddy can cycle around without worrying about running into mechanical issues.

The tool is easy to carry around since it only weighs 98 grams.

As light as it is, it still comes packed with all the necessary equipment for an uninterrupted cycling experience including a tire lifter and 8 integrated bits.

5. Foldable bike helmet



With bike commuting, safety always comes first.

A foldable helmet provides an extra layer of safety to bike commuters by protecting them against severe impact in case of a nasty crash.

The specially designed helmet covers the most sensitive parts of the head and in case of a collision, it distributes the impact over its surface, thus mitigating any head injuries or trauma.

When not using the helmet, it can be folded away nicely and placed inside a bag or locker in the office.

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6. Integrated bicycle LED tail-light seatspot



The LightSKIN taillight seatspot is a great invention!

The light does a perfect job alerting other motorists of a biker’s presence without causing a stir.

It comes with 5 integrated bright LEDs that are also waterproof, thus making them ideal alert signals even when cycling through a heavy downpour.

A biker can switch between different light modes and keep the lights running for 400 hours powered by just 2 AA batteries.

This, therefore, proves to be a cost-effective gift both to you and your colleague.

7. Bike repair stand



For bikers that prefer a more hands-on approach in bike maintenance, this would make an excellent gift.

A bike repair stand is extremely light, compact, foldable, and portable, which makes regular bike cleaning and maintenance enjoyable (and your back will thank you for it!).

The stand holds the bike off the ground during cleaning or minor repairs.

When do you suppose your bike commuter colleague’s next bike tune-up is due?

Before they spend money at their local bike shop, race ahead of them and drop this incredible surprise to them first.

8. Cycling jacket for rough weather



During those harsh winter mornings, the thing your bike commuter colleague needs most is a protective winter cycling jacket.

The jacket is made from a special fabric suitable to withstand the toughest weather.

It provides excellent protection from the elements and is highly wind-resistant and waterproof too.

Moreover, the jacket comes with plenty of front and back storage spaces, and its reflective detail means a safer cycling experience to the biker.

Its high collar and long sleeves ensure the biker stays dry and breathable enough to let out sweat.

This winter season, make your bike commuter friend smile beyond Christmas by getting them one of these babies.

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9. Leather cycling gloves



Who doesn’t love to be donned in leather in some part of their body?

I guarantee your bike commuter pal would cherish it too.

Not only are leather cycling gloves stylish but also durable enough to create a sentimental value in your friend’s life.

A pair of stylish leather gloves will keep your colleague’s hands warm during a cold commute while the infused knuckle holes provide extra fitting and ventilation to keep their hands cool and dry all day long.

Leather is also an elegant material in terms of movement flexibility, thus allowing a biker to maintain a good grip on their bike.

10. A new bike (if you REALLY like them)

Marin Muirwoods RC Bike 2022 in Gloss Silver/Black


If they’re riding an old rust bucket, and you really want to blow your colleague’s mind, why not get them a new commuter bike?

While this won’t be a cheap option for you, it will definitely leave a permanent impression on them and you will be flavor of the month (if not, year?).

Although there are many bikes to choose from, you can go for one that offers the best road biking experience in terms of speed, agility, and efficiency.

Ensure the bike is also light, simple, and easy to use for the best daily commute experience.

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11. Bike handlebar tape



Upgrade the look of your colleague’s pride and joy by getting them a new bike handlebar tape.

If possible, get them a different and more interesting color.

This gift will offer a great way for your colleague to enhance their riding comfort and control, which mean a lot to them.

12. Bike artwork



Another simple yet fancy way to gift your bike commuter colleague is getting them a stylish and nice-looking bicycle-related artwork.

This will set all sorts of emotions running in their system as they hang the art piece on their bedroom wall.

Each time they look at the piece, guess who’ll pop up in their minds?

The best part is that you can either custom-make the artwork or purchase one.

13. Gift coupon

Getting your bike commuter companion a gift coupon for their local bike store automatically takes your friendship to a whole new level.

This gift not only benefits your relationship but also helps keep the local bike shop operational.

Armed with the gift coupon, your friend can get a bike tune-up or repair, acquire a new cycling kit, or buy all the accessories they need.

What bike commuter enthusiast wouldn’t love such a treat?

Oh, and it’s easy for you because they can pick what they want, which will keep them motivated to ride. Win-win!!!

14. Cycling socks



Who needs cycling socks? Well, a bike commuter does.

Toes can get cold and numb and a good pair of merino socks can help with that problem.

Just try gifting your colleague a pair of these gems and observe their reaction.

Being a tiny item, cycling socks often fall through the cracks of your friend’s biking bucket list.

Getting them a pair will be greatly appreciated!

These socks are specially designed to keep a bike commuter’s feet warm (and cool when it’s hot) and dry when it gets sweaty due to the breathability of merino wool.

And comes in different sizes and colors to suit different needs.

15. Phone mount



Being able to use your phone is important regardless of the activity you are undertaking.

Bike commuting is no exception.

When riding to work, your colleague will need to constantly check the time, see incoming calls, flip their music playlist, or access maps.

What better way to safely hold and operate the phone while in motion than with a phone mount?

This handy tool securely mounts your commuter’s phone to the commuting bike’s handlebars and allows them to adjust the viewing position to any angle as they ride.

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