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Hi, I’m Mark!

2014 was the year I got back into cycling again after a long hiatus.

After many years of slaving away at corporate jobs to put food on the table, I finally rediscovered my passion for cycling and I haven’t stopped since!

Right now, I’m into road cycling. I am not particularly fast, I don’t ride crazy distances, and I sure ain’t a mountain goat, but I still give it all my best shot and just enjoy riding the bike. It’s the ultimate de-stresser, right?

I mostly ride a Giant Defy (my back loves that bike’s relatively upright riding geometry, especially on the longer rides!), but when I need to grab errands, my old trusty flat bar road bike does the trick. It’s amazing what a pannier rack and bags can carry! I honestly believe that bikes are the future for shorter journeys, particularly in cities. I’m even more of a believer in them with the rapid rise of electric bicycles.

While I don’t pretend to be as fast as Chris Froome, or as knowledgeable as the late Sheldon Brown, I think I can help cycling newcomers unpack the complicated jargon and help them along with their journey into and through the wonderful world of cycling.

When I’m not working on bikepush.com, I’m usually out on the bike, a little hiking, relaxing with friends, music, or even participating in a little pub trivia. Got to keep the brain ticking over somehow!

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Mark Whitley
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Mark is the founder of BikePush, a bicycle commuting website. When he's not working on BikePush, you can find him out riding.