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Editorial And Review Guidelines

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Our aim at BikePush is to provide a useful resource for cyclists new and old. We create a wide range of feature articles as well as many review articles.

BikePush earns money from affiliate product links to 3rd-party websites. We make a commission if you click on certain links and buy the product, at no extra cost to you.

In the interests of openness, we’d like to tell you more about our reviews so you can glimpse behind the scenes.

BikePush Reviews

A few of our reviews are hands-on reviews using products bought by us or sent to us from manufacturers. These reviews are always unbiased and are based on our objective assessments.

Our review articles always contain buying advice. This helps you to find your ideal product without using our links. Altruism is always a motivating element!

Review categories (e.g., “best value”) are created for articles before the products are chosen. We then handpick products for each category before writing commences.

Exhaustive Research

Anyone who writes about the same products often and carefully will gain knowledge. But the research that goes on behind our articles never ends.

The largest area of research is on technology. Many brands use their own technologies. Or they’ll use similar technologies to other brands under different names. We need to know how a technology works before we can relay its benefits to you.

Our main aim is to offer integrity, so we’ll always look for negative points in products as well as good. We never copy and paste marketing jargon.

Users Thoughts

We scour peer reviews on sites like Amazon for a real-world impression of any product. YouTube video reviews are also often viewed.

Among user reviews, we look for patterns: repeated comments on the same great feature or flaw. We also study factors like the scope for user error or signs of fake positive reviews.

Approvals, Safety Standards

We ensure all reviewed products meet safety standards where possible. Often, that means researching which standards apply. We also examine governmental or legal advice on various topics.

Some sites we use regarding compliance and safety (among others):

Delivery & Assembly

We do not review products that are often received damaged. We’ll also warn you if there’s any complicated assembly to perform after delivery.

Customer Service

The level of customer service behind a product also figures in our reviews. If there are many signs of poor service, we’ll look elsewhere for a solution.

If you have any questions on the above, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

Mark Whitley
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Mark is the founder of BikePush, a bicycle commuting website. When he's not working on BikePush, you can find him out riding.