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Jamis Commuter 1 Bike (and Alternatives)

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Do you live in a city and dream of biking to work instead of taking the subway?

If so, the Jamis Commuter 1 bike is perfect for you! It’s fast, lightweight, and easy to maneuver.

But if the Commuter 1 isn’t right for you, we’ll show you some great alternatives.

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An elegant bike that has everything you need for a smooth commute is the Jamis Commuter 1. It provides a plush ride, thanks to its compliant steel frame, upright riding position, suede-covered saddle and wide 32mm tires.

Thanks to the Jamis ARC 6061 aluminum handlebar with 35 degrees of sweep, you’ll find this bike comfortable to handle without any strain on your wrists and hands.

Despite its steel construction, the weight of the Commuter 1 is kept to a respectable 34.25 lbs. In any case, you get 7 Shimano gears to help you tackle any inclines on your way to work. Gear selection is made easy with a Shimano Revoshift shift lever.

The Jamis Commuter 1 is generously furnished with extras, including a rear cargo rack, full-coverage fenders with mud flaps, rear reflector, bell, chain guard and kickstand. The only thing you might need to buy is lights, but that’s normal.

This is a bike that can handle some weight, helped by its 700c double-wall alloy wheel rims laced with 32 rust-resistant stainless steel spokes.

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3 More Jamis Bikes That Are Great For Commuting

If a classic urban commuter bike doesn’t take your fancy, we have three other Jamis bikes for your consideration.

1. Jamis Allegro Fitness Bike

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A little more performance-oriented than a straight commuter bike is the Jamis Allegro Fitness Bike. This machine has a lightweight triple-butted 6061 aluminum frame, which keeps its weight down to under 28 lbs (model and size-specific).

Aluminum is a material that tends to yield less than steel, but the Jamis Allegro has a carbon fork to help keep the ride smooth and compliant. Coupled with 35mm tires on 700c double-wall rims, you’ll find this bike is good at ironing out road vibration.

The Allegro comes with 7, 8, or 9-speed gears depending on the model and a double or triple crankset. This gives you between 16 and 21 gears in all, including some very easy gear ratios below 1:1 for hills.

For stopping power, you get disc brakes in the Allegro A1 and A2 models and rim brakes on the more economical A3. There are eyelets for fenders and racks.

2. Jamis Hudson E2 Pedal-Assist E-Bike

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If you want the option of arriving to work sweat-free and fresh, there’s the Jamis Hudson E2 Pedal-Assist E-Bike. This bike incorporates a Hyena 250W motor and A320 309wh battery to give you an easy ride whenever you need one.

The motor in this stylish commuter e-bike is mounted on the rear hub and provides pedal assistance up to a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). This is a Class 1 e-bike, so you do need to turn the pedals to exploit the motor – there’s no throttle-only riding.

With a battery range of 20-50 miles, depending on the assist level and variables like rider weight and terrain, this bike is ideal for most commutes.

For maximum comfort, the Jamis Hudson comes with a memory-foam saddle covered with synthetic suede, fat 2.35” tires, and flat pedals that offer a stable base for your feet.

To fine-tune your cadence, this e-bike includes 7 Shimano gears and brings you to a halt with reliable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Video: Jamis Hudson E2  Pedal Assist E-Bikes

3. Jamis Ventura Road Bike

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For the sportier or more flexible commuter, the Jamis Ventura Road Bike is an appealing option. This good-looking bike has a lightweight double-butted 6061 aluminum frame with a carbon steerer and carbon composite fork.

A road bike is a great choice if you like riding quickly or plan on doing a long commute. The Ventura comes with a compact 50/34t crankset and an 8- or 9-speed rear cassette (model dependent). A 32t sprocket at the rear guarantees an easy climbing option.

Whatever version of the Ventura you go for, you get a lot of bike for the money.

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