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Best Commuter Ebike – For A Better Ride To Work

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For some people, an e-bike is the perfect machine for bike commuting.

But why?

It’s ideal for those who haven’t exercised for a long time or need help on a bike for whatever reason.

Importantly, an e-bike also allows you to arrive at work feeling fresh.

If it’s a workout you’re after, an e-bike can provide that, too, whenever you’re ready for extra intensity.

You get to pick and choose your moments.

Are you interested in e-bike commuting?

If you’re wondering how to choose the best commuter e-bike for you, keep reading!

We have suggestions and buying tips.

Top 13 Best Commuter E-bikes Reviewed

Below, you’ll discover thirteen very different e-bikes, any of which would make bike commuting great fun.

You might enjoy that journey to work for the first time!

1. Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger (best overall)

Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger in Lithium Gray colorPin


  • Frame Material: Hydroformed aluminum alloy
  • Battery Capacity: 625Wh
  • Weight: medium 56.4 lb. (25.58 kg)

If you’re looking for the ultimate commuting machine, your search may end with the Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger.

This bike is created with a streamlined, hydroformed alloy frame, which encloses a formidable Bosch PowerTube 625 battery.

The mentioned battery gives you impressive range, particularly in Eco mode where you can expect 50 to 60 miles or more per charge.

This is a fast bike, with pedal assistance available up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

If you prefer to let the bike do much of the work, compatibility with Trek’s Range Boost tech lets you double the distance possible from a single charge.

That feature, available with the purchase of a battery kit, makes long commutes possible.

A standout feature in the Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger is its seamless compatibility with smartphones.

You can download an app, attach your phone to the SmartphoneHub, and use it onboard for taking calls, listening to music, or following turn-by-turn directions.

What else?

The mid-drive motor is complemented by a good selection of gears.

An 11-42t cassette in tandem with a 46t chainring will make short work of hills.

There are hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power and built-in Lync front and rear lights.

What We Like

  • Construction – beautiful build quality and looks with sleek hydroformed frame
  • Range – this bike has car-replacing potential, especially with Range Boost
  • Technology – harnesses the power of your phone with the SmartphoneHub

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – even for an e-bike, it’s on the heavy side

2. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike (best value e-bike commuter)

Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike in Cobblestone Gray colorPin


  • Frame Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 418Wh
  • Weight: median 50.5 lb. (22.9 kg)

Rated as a Class 1 e-bike, the Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike offers pedal assist up to a max speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

This is a great-value bike, loaded as it is with reliable Shimano components and many useful features.

The 418Wh battery supplied with this bike gives you a maximum range of 50 miles in the lowest of three pedal-assist modes.

Depending on the mode you select, you may end up with 20-25 miles per charge, which would still cover many bike commutes.

Some of the nice extras you get with this unisex e-bike include front and rear lights that run off the battery, a rear cargo rack, and a center kickstand.

There’s also an ABUS lock to keep your battery secure if you need to leave the bike anywhere.

A Suntour front suspension fork soaks up bumps in the road with its 75mm of travel.

Trusty pedaling assistance comes from a mid-drive Shimano e5000 250W motor.

The motor is ably accompanied by 9-speed gears.

A wide-ranging 11-34t cassette should, along with the motor, ease you up any hills.

What We Like

  • Parts – dependable Shimano drivetrain components
  • Range – fair to good range that will cover many commuting distances
  • Complete – the inclusion of lights, a rack and other extras give value for money

What We Don’t Like

  • Color – the frame has a lackluster hue

3. Sixthreezero AroundtheBlock Women’s Electric Cruiser (best for women)



  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Battery Capacity: 500Wh
  • Weight: 65.3 lb. (29.6 kg)

Available in Mint Green or Teal Blue colors, the Sixthreezero AroundtheBlock Women’s Electric Cruiser is nothing if not stylish.

But it’s much more than that.

This is an e-bike with a throttle, and its pedal assist will work with you up to 28 mph (45 km/h).

Designed in a classic cruiser style, this e-bike is quiet yet powerful.

It’ll help you up hills when you need that with its 500W hub-drive motor.

You can ride this bike full throttle for up to 20 miles or up to 40 miles in pedal-assist mode.

The top speed using the throttle only is 15 mph, so there’s more potential for speed in pedal-assist mode if that appeals to you.

On the front of the bike is an LCD display, which tells you how fast you’re moving, how much battery remains, and what pedal-assist mode you’re in if applicable.

This bike has seven gears, with a 14-28t cassette at the rear and a 44t chainring upfront.

While this is a useful range on flat or mildly bumpy routes, you’ll probably need the motor up steep or prolonged hills.

Components on the AroundtheBlock Cruiser are largely Shimano, including the rear derailleur, gear shifters, and cassette.

The striking 26” whitewall tires are 2.125″ wide, which should afford some comfort on bumpy roads.

What We Like

  • Design – striking colors and laid-back cruiser appeal
  • Parts – several reliable Shimano bits on the bike
  • Throttle – full electric mode allows you to arrive at work sweatless
  • Assembly – easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like

  • Gears – lowest gear won’t be effortless uphill if the battery expires
  • Weight – heavy bike, so you really need that motor on steep hills

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4. Trek Domane+ LT Electric Road Bike (best for long-distance)

Trek Domane+ LT Electric Road Bike in Dnister Black colorPin


  • Frame Material: 500 Series OCLV Carbon
  • Battery Capacity: 250Wh
  • Weight: 29.9 lb. (13.56 kg)

Road bikes are inherently designed for efficiency over long distance, and the Trek Domane+ LT Electric Road Bike is no exception.

It gives you up to 65 miles of range from its Fazua Evation battery, and in a bike that rides like a quality road bike.

You may even find the Domane+ LT smoother to ride than any road bike you’re used to.

It includes a Bontrager Pro IsoCore handlebar, which cuts out road vibration by up to 20%.

Front and Rear IsoSpeed technology is similar in its aims.

Adding further to potential comfort in this bike is its generous tire clearance.

You can fit tires up to a width of 38c.

Wider tires reduce the “road buzz” that gradually fatigues bike riders over longer distances.

Pedal-assist stops working on this Domane+ LT e-bike at 20 mph (32 km/h), so you can cut along at a decent pace before you’re on your own.

The mid-drive 250W motor mixes with compact 50/34 chainrings and an 11-34t cassette.

Gearing varies between models in the same series, but the lowest 1:1 gear ratio here combined with the motor will have you gliding over hills.

In this case, components are from the durable Shimano Ultegra tier, including front and rear derailleurs, shifters, cassette and chain.

Cranks are from FSA.

What We Like

  • Weight – impressively lightweight for an e-bike
  • Dampening – IsoCore + IsoSpeed + wide tires equals a smooth ride
  • Gears – lowest 1:1 gear ratio is helpful uphill even without the battery
  • Range – long commutes are possible, and the comfort factor helps

What We Don’t Like

  • Value – desirable bikes like this need a secure storage solution at work

5. Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Bike (best e-bike for hills)

Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Bike in Charcoal Gray colorPin


  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 400Wh
  • Weight: 48.5 lb. (22 kg)

An e-bike that excels at hills is probably going to have a mid-drive motor coupled with a low lowest gear.

You get that with the stylish Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Bike.

It’s an easy bike to ride and dismount, too, which makes it a good urban commuter.

This bike has a Cannondale SmartForm C3 alloy step-through frame.

The mentioned gearing includes a 9-speed, 11-36t cassette and a 38t chainring.

That 1.06:1 lowest gear ratio makes climbing hills easy, helped by the motor.

The maximum pedal-assist range of the Adventure Neo 4 is 64 miles.

That will take many commuters to work and back, even allowing for some real-world shrinkage.

This is a Class 1 e-bike, meaning the Bosch Active Line motor will assist in pedaling up to 20 mph.

Further features of this fun-to-ride bike include internal cable routing for a clean look, water bottle mounts on the head tube, a lockable and removable downtube battery, and Kenda Kwick Seven.5 tires with a comfy 2.2” width.

What We Like

  • Hill eraser – powerful mid-drive motor and low gears kill hills
  • Dismount – easy to hop on and off thanks to a step-through frame
  • Minimal – clean design with internal cable routing
  • Range – good range of 64 miles in pedal-assist eco mode

What We Don’t Like

  • Few extras – absent any of the extras that some e-bikes include at this price point (reflectors, lights, rack)

6. Qualisports Volador Portable Folding Bike (best folding)



  • Frame Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 252Wh
  • Weight: 38 lb. (17.23 kg)

Style and portability are combined in the Qualisports Volador Portable Folding E-bike.

With a range of 31 pedal-assisted miles, it’s useful for many commutes, and it folds down to 32.68” x 26.38” x 15.75”.

This is a bike that suits anyone from 5ft to 6ft 3in. tall, as the seat and handlebar are easily adjustable for height.

It will assist your pedaling efforts up to a max speed of 20 mph.

Aside from pedal assist modes (PAS), there are Throttle and Cruise modes.

The LCD display on the Volador tells you plenty about your ride, including current speed, average speed, max speed, mode, light status, battery status, voltage and odometer.

True to the manufacturer’s description, this really is a multifunctional display.

Gears on this bike come in the form of a Shimano 7-speed Tourney freewheel with a 14-28t range.

This marries with a 52t front chainring, which gives the rider a natural cadence in spite of the small wheels.

The geared motor is mounted in the rear hub.

What We Like

  • Stylish – looks good without any inelegant parts
  • Discreet – battery pack neatly concealed in seatpost
  • Big ring – “full-sized” pedaling feel in a foldable bike
  • Weight – a manageable weight for intermodal commutes

What We Don’t Like

  • Gears – lowest gear is not very low, in case you need to ride manually

7. Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Electric Bike (best flat bar hybrid)

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Electric Bike in Black colorPin


  • Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Battery Capacity: 500Wh
  • Weight: 55 lb. (24.95 kg)

A classy machine sporting a SmartForm C2 alloy frame is the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Electric Bike.

It benefits from frame-building methods used in sophisticated “C1” processes.

That means refined butting, precision tube shapes and double-pass welding.

This is a Class 3 e-bike with a top pedal-assist speed of 28 mph.

Power comes from a mid-drive Bosch Performance Line Sport 250W motor.

This unit can deliver an impressive max range of 104 miles: enough to satisfy the keenest commuter!

Most of the drivetrain on this bike comprises Shimano components, apart from the FSA Bosch E-Bike crankset.

There is front suspension, too, thanks to an SR Suntour XCM ATB fork with 100mm of travel.

Other nice features in this bike include a 9-speed drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, fenders, a rear cargo rack, a pair of bright lights, and a kickstand.

This is a Cannondale bike that delivers a full complement of handy extras.

This 29er comes with a set of Schwalbe G-One Allround Performance tires, which will give you a nice blend of speed and comfort on the road.

What We Like

  • Quality – well manufactured bike that inspires confidence
  • Range – you can ride up to 104 miles on a single charge
  • Extras – lots of extra features that are helpful on a commute

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – not the lightest bike to lift onto trains if that’s pertinent

8. Pinarello Dyodo eRoad Bike (best drop bar road bike)

Pinarello Dyodo eRoad Bike in Black colorPin


  • Frame Material: T700 Carbon
  • Battery Capacity: 250Wh
  • Weight: 26.75 lb. (12.13 kg)

A first-class road bike you can enjoy on weekends as well as commutes is the Pinarello Dyodo eRoad Bike.

It’s responsive, aerodynamic and incredibly lightweight for an e-bike.

And many committed roadies will love riding it.

To further delight enthusiasts, the Dyodo comes equipped with a high-tier SRAM Force 22 compact crankset.

Accompanying the 50/34t chainrings is a wide-ranging 11-32t cassette.

This provides an easy low gear for unassisted climbing if the battery expires.

Unlike many electric road bikes, this Pinarello has its lightweight bikemotion X35 drive motor in the rear hub.

This will assist you up to speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h).

The rear-mounted motor allows Pinarello to retain its silent Italian-threaded bottom bracket.

Hydraulic disc brakes give you plenty of stopping power on the Pinarello Dyodo.

SRAM Centerline rotors help to make braking smooth and quiet.

The Pinarello comes variously equipped with a Vision Trimax 30 or Mavic Aksuim wheelset.

There is clearance for tires up to 28mm wide, so you can inject extra comfort into your commute that way if you desire.

What We Like

  • Class – responsive ride with assured handling
  • Aero – aerodynamic features seen in top Pinarello bikes
  • Heritage – race geometry akin to Pinarello Dogma
  • Groupset – high-quality SRAM Force 22 components

What We Don’t Like

  • Security – another that you need to lock up very securely

9. ANCHEER Sunshine Electric Mountain Bike (best budget e-bike)



  • Frame Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 374Wh
  • Weight: 53 lb. (24 kg)

The words “e-bike” and “budget” don’t go together easily, but you can pick up a bargain if you’re cautious.

A machine like the ANCHEER Sunshine Electric Mountain Bike offers many features for relatively little outlay.

With up to 40 miles of range per charge (22 in full throttle), the ANCHEER eMTB gives you enough juice for a typical return commute.

It’s not for epic bike commutes, and you’ll probably want to swap out the tires for slicks.

This bike has plenty going for it, like 21-speed gears (triple chainring and 14-28t cassette), pedal-assist up to 20 mph, a throttle mode, an LED display, and a front suspension fork to iron out bumpy surfaces.

There’s a kickstand, too.

The LED “smart meter” on this bike allows you to easily set your required mode and stay abreast of battery status.

It shows you the remaining battery level based on the mode you’re in at the time.

Spending time in normal bike mode obviously stretches out the potential range.

And you have a wide choice of gears to help you with that, though you’ll need the 350W brushless motor to climb steep or long hills.

What We Like

  • Parts – some nice components at this price, like Shimano gears and shifters
  • Display – the clear LED display helps you to prolong range
  • Motor – high-quality brushless 350W motor

What We Don’t Like

  • Tires – not a flaw, but you’ll probably want smoother tires for commuting by road

10. Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Electric Bike

Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Electric Bike in Sage Gray colorPin


  • Frame Material: 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Battery Capacity: 250Wh
  • Weight: 33.5 lb. (15.19 kg)

If you’re in the market for a lightweight city e-bike, the Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Electric Bike might be for you.

This nimble machine weighs about 10-15 pounds lighter than many comparable rivals.

The beautiful thing about this bike is its perfect blend of sportiness and urban readiness.

It’s not road-bike light, of course, but you’re not riding a sack of potatoes, either.

It’s stealthy and agile, and you might get up the odd hill without the motor.

Discreetly hidden within the downtube is the 250Wh battery of the Quick Neo SL 2, while the 250W MAHLE e-bikemotion X35 motor is mounted in the rear hub.

The two combine to give you up to 47 miles of pedal assist range.

This Class 1 e-bike has 700c wheels and allows clearance for wide tires of up to 38c.

Indeed, the bike comes with 38mm Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires (subject to variation).

Gears on this 9-speed Cannondale offer an impressive 11-36t range, with a 38t ring at the front.

That gives you a fighting chance of getting up modest hills if your battery is drained.

What else?

The groupset is mostly Shimano, save for the Prowheel alloy crankset.

There’s a carbon fork, SmartForm C3 alloy frame, Intellimount Stem for your phone (requires SP Connect case), and 360° reflective accents.

An easy-to-use mode controller and battery indicator is positioned on the top tube.

What We Like

  • Lightweight – admirably light, making intermodal commuting more viable
  • Gears – a useful lowest gear for moderate climbing without the motor
  • Range – decent 47-mile range will suit many commutes
  • Design – stylish and sporty design encourages fitness

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive – you do pay for nice things in the Cannondale Neo range

11. Orbea Gain M30 Flat Bar Electric Bike

Orbea Gain M30 Flat Bar Electric Bike in Coral/Black colorPin


  • Frame Material: OMR Monocoque Carbon
  • Battery Capacity: 248Wh
  • Weight: 26.94 lb. (12.22 kg)

A unique bike among our selection is the Orbea Gain M30 Flat Bar Electric Bike.

This sleek-looking machine is a road bike with a flat handlebar, hence the weight is comparable to top eRoad bikes.

It’s fast, despite the lack of a drop handlebar.

The carbon frame of this bike keeps the weight down, of course, along with its streamlined shape.

This frame is adorned with reliable Shimano 105 parts.

It has compact 50/34t chainrings paired with an 11-32t cassette at the rear.

Again, this is a bike that you might get up hills without the motor, depending on your fitness level, because the lowest gear is genuinely low and it’s a lightweight machine.

Helping the bike’s good looks is the internal cable routing, subtle battery integration, and an E-bikemotion X35 motor mounted discreetly at the rear hub.

Abundant stopping power comes from Shimano SLX M7100 hydraulic disc brakes.

You get a set of Fulcrum E-Racing 900 wheels (OEM only) with this bike, too, loaded with reliable Schwalbe One 30mm tires.

You can always put faster tires on, though a robust tire for a commuting e-bike makes much sense.

What We Like

  • Lightweight – very easy to lift onto a train, if that is a commuting need
  • Components – dependable Shimano 105 groupset
  • Style – sleek, uncluttered design intended for speed
  • Wheelset – nice set of wheels to uphold the sporty appeal

What We Don’t Like

  • Costly – an obvious lack of corner-cutting pushes the price up
  • Stealable – needs secure protection from unscrupulous types

12. Gazelle Medeo T10 Plus E-Bike

Gazelle Medeo T10 Plus E-Bike in Petrol Gloss colorPin


  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 500Wh
  • Weight: 50.9 lb. (23.08 kg)

A beautifully constructed e-bike that you’ll enjoy riding is the Gazelle Medeo T10 Plus E-Bike.

Gazelle has been making bikes for over 125 years, and all that experience is poured into this e-bike.

The petrol grey finish on this machine is stunning in its own right, and it makes the bike stand out.

High-gloss paint covers its pristine surfaces, and the welding is smooth.

Various elements contribute to comfort in the Medeo T10 Plus, like a Suntour Mobie front suspension fork with 63mm of travel, and wide Schwalbe Big Apple tires.

This bike is equipped with a mid-drive Bosch Performance Line Speed motor, which can deliver up to 85Nm of torque.

Pedal assist will boost your effort up to a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

Shimano Deore gears help with the hills, particularly through the wide-ranging 11-42t cassette.

There are four pedal-assist modes on the Medeo, which you can change easily via the Bosch Purion LCD.

In Eco mode, you get a useful 55-mile range.

If you’re contemplating a long commute, this Class 3 e-bike offers a dual battery option, so you can extend the range and maybe leave the car at home.

From a commuting perspective, another appealing thing about this Gazelle bike is the generous inclusion of extras.

You get fenders, a rear cargo rack, front and rear lights and an integrated lock.

You’re buying everything you need in one hit.

What We Like

  • Construction – a beautifully made bike with attention to detail
  • Power – strong Bosch motor assists you up to 28 mph
  • Components – reliable Shimano Deore crankset
  • Comfort – front suspension and wide Schwalbe tires deliver a smooth ride

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – not lightweight, but that’s partly because it’s laden with extras

13. Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike

Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike in White colorPin


  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Battery Capacity: 400Wh
  • Weight: 49.6 lb. (22.5 kg)

A final great choice for bike commuting is the Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike.

This is a bike you can easily carry onto a train if need be or pop into the trunk of a car.

And despite its foldability, it is suitable for riders up to 6’ 5” tall.

One feature to notice straight away is the combination of a powerful mid-drive Bafang motor, delivering up to 80 Nm of torque, and 8-speed derailleur gears with a cassette range of 11-32t.

That will ease you over most hills.

This is a Class 1 e-bike offering pedal assist up to a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Tern Vektron’s battery is tucked neatly away behind the seat tube.

This Bafang M400 Drive System Battery, with Panasonic cells at its heart, stores a handy 400Wh of charge.

That’s enough to give you a range of up to 56 miles.

Another thing you’ll notice in this bike is its stylish shape.

The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum, and Tern’s robust OCL+ joints make the bike rock solid in use, yet quick and easy to fold and unfold.

Other likeable features of the Tern Vektron include a rear cargo rack, fenders, a 150-lumen “Tern Valo Direct” front light, the patented Andros adjustable handlebar stem, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

What We Like

  • Technology – lots of innovative design and tech makes this bike special
  • Power – a 250W mid-drive motor plus derailleur gears ease you over hills
  • Extras – useful features for commuting like a rack, light and fenders

What We Don’t Like

  • Bumps – small wheels and no suspension won’t give you the smoothest ride on irregular roads

Are E-bikes Good For Commuting?

As a means of commuting, e-bikes have serious competition from regular bikes and other personal electric vehicles (PEVs) like scooters.

So, are they good for commuting?

Perhaps the strongest argument in favor of the e-bike is its flexibility.

If you need to arrive at work feeling fresh and not covered in sweat, you can.

Conversely, you can use the e-bike to give yourself a good aerobic workout.

Read more: Tips for biking to work

Video: E-bike Commute To Work

How To Choose A Good Commuter Electric Bike: The Features

There are various features to look out for in a good electric commuter bike.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of them.

Bike Weight

The weight of e-bikes varies significantly. Generally, they’re heavy.

A 50-pound e-bike weighs about the same as 6 gallons of water or a bag of 80 potatoes.

An e-bike’s weight doesn’t matter much if all you’re doing is riding a few miles each way on a flat road.

But if you’re lifting the bike onto a train or pushing it up a hill after the battery runs out, it becomes relevant.

Battery Capacity

As a rough rule of thumb, greater battery capacity equals greater range on an e-bike, but many different elements can affect range.

So, it’s just one aspect to consider.

The amount of battery you use largely depends on the amount of pedal assist you use, which in turn is affected by factors like terrain, rider weight, bike weight, weather, and how fast you want to go.

You’ll often see electric road bikes with a lower battery capacity than other e-bikes.

Since they’re lighter and not usually undergeared for hills, you may find yourself using less pedal assist on those than you would on a heavy e-bike.

Range (Max Distance With Pedal Assist)

Closely connected to battery capacity is range, and the maximum range of an e-bike is often calculated for you.

This is always an estimate based on the lowest level of pedal assist (normally called “Eco Mode”).

Some e-bikes allow the addition of a second battery, thus doubling the potential range.

In bikes that have a throttle, the max range in full throttle mode (aka full electric mode), is usually reduced to around 15-20 miles.

Mid-Drive vs Hub-Drive Motors

The position of an e-bike’s motor has various advantages and disadvantages.

A mid-drive motor is positioned between the pedals at the bottom bracket.

Most hub motors are installed on the rear hub.

A major benefit of mid-drive motors is their ability to harness the mechanical gearing of the bike for more efficiency, particularly when climbing.

This, in turn, can improve the bike’s range, because it lightens the burden of the motor.

Mid-drive e-bike motor and batteryPin

Because of the above, range is generally better in a bike with a mid-drive motor, assuming battery capacity is equal to that of a hub-drive bike.

Changing tires is simpler with a mid-drive motor, too—a notable benefit.

Much of the above is simplistic, though.

The presence or not of a torque senor (as opposed to a cadence sensor), and the quality of the torque sensor affects efficiency in motor drives.

Thus, a hub motor may yet be superior to a mid-drive motor.

E-bikes with throttles nearly always have rear-hub motors.

One benefit of full throttles is the ability to still get home if your chain breaks, as a hub motor physically turns the wheel and pushes the rider along.

Video: Hub-Drive vs Mid-Drive Motors

You might favor a mid-drive motor if your commute takes on many hills, though it is reasonable to expect a hub motor to perform well in an expensive bike.

Hub motors are often more discreet in appearance than mid-drive alternatives, so there’s that to consider if you’re keen on aesthetics.

E-bike Motor Torque

The amount of torque a motor delivers affects its ability to climb hills or carry heavy loads.

This is measured in newton meters and ranges from 40Nm to over 80 Nm.

Like the motor, you can weigh up the value of torque in relation to where you’re likely to be riding and the total weight of the bike and its load.

Video: What Does E-bike Torque Really Mean?

Pedal-Assist Modes

Most e-bikes have at least three or four pedal assist modes, ranging from “Eco” to “Boost”, or similarly named settings.

You can select these on the display most e-bikes have, which also tells you how much battery power remains.

Throttle Mode

In countries where it is allowed, throttles can propel an e-bike at speeds of up to 15-25 mph without any effort needed on the rider’s part.

What Are The Laws For Electric bikes?

Laws surrounding e-bikes vary significantly around the world.

Below are some brief ways in which they differ from place to place.

United States

E-bike laws vary from state to state in the US.

Federal law defines an e-bike as having a motor of 750W max and a top speed of 20 mph when powered solely by a motor.

Around half of US states abide by a 3-tier classification of e-bikes:

  • Class 1 – pedal assist only up to 20 mph
  • Class 2 – pedal assist or throttle up to a max 20 mph
  • Class 3 – pedal assist up to 28 mph with no throttle

New York State allows Class 3 e-bikes to have a 25 mph throttle mode, but in most states this class is pedal-assist only.

United Kingdom & Europe

In the UK and EU countries, laws generally restrict e-bikes to a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

Motors must be 250W max.

Throttles can only be used to assist start-up at 6 km/h.

Australia & New Zealand

In New Zealand, an e-bike is treated the same as an ordinary bicycle if it has a motor of no more than 300W.

Like most of Europe, Australia sets that bar at 250W.

Whereas Australia limits the speed of e-bikes to 25 km/h, New Zealand does not stipulate a limit beyond signposted speed limits.

The only restriction is the maximum pedal-assist speed achievable on the bike.

Commuter Electric Bikes: FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding commuter e-bikes:

Can I Still Pedal Without Any Assistance On My Electric Bike?

Yes, you can invariably pedal an e-bike without assistance if you want.

The extra weight of the bike will make little difference on flat roads, but it will create work on hills.

Should I Get: E-bike Or Scooter?

An e-bike will improve your aerobic fitness, even with pedal assist.

That health benefit is its major advantage over an e-scooter or any other motorized vehicle.

How Far Do The Best Electric Bikes Go?

The best e-bikes as far as range goes can take you over 100 miles, like the Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 in our reviews. Anything over 50 or 60 miles is pretty good going.

Are E-bikes Fast?

Extreme 3000W e-bikes can hit speeds of 50 mph using a throttle.

That’s fast for an e-bike, but pedal-assist modes on bikes with smaller motors usually max out at 28 mph (45 km/h) or slightly above where that’s legal.

Are Electric Bikes Legal? Do I Need A License?

E-bikes are legal provided they meet e-bike definitions wherever you are in the world and you ride them in permitted places.

In locations where they aren’t treated as a standard bike, you’ll need a license (e.g., Alaska, New Mexico, Massachusetts).

Time To Power Up! (Conclusion)

It’s time to revisit our top picks among the best commuter e-bikes.

In top spot, the Trek Allant+ 8S Stagger is a thoroughbred commuting machine with loads of potential for long-range commutes.

For sheer value, the Co-op Cycles CTY e2.1 Electric Bike is hard to beat.

Its mid-drive motor gives you decent range, and it’s loaded with handy commuter extras like a cargo rack, lock and lights.

Next up, the Sixthreezero AroundtheBlock Women’s Electric Cruiser is a stylish e-bike with a throttle to fall back on whenever you feel like taking it easy.

An upright riding position makes for a comfortable commute.

An e-bike makes bike commuting fun!

We also have a guide to all types of commuter bikes for the city.

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