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Drivetrains, Cranksets and Gears

Guides to the components of a bike that help power you along
Cranks, chains, chainrings, cassettes, derailleurs, freewheel, gears, groupsets...what do all these parts do and how do they work together?

Read our numerous buyer's and maintenance guides, along with tips and tricks to get the most out of your crankset (or chainset), your gearing and your bike drivetrain.

Bike mechanic assembling bike chain

Bike Chain Keeps Falling Off. Help!

There’s nothing worse than when you’re riding along and your chain keeps dropping off. There are many reasons that can cause your bike chain to fall off, so we’ve made…

bike chain under repair in a shop

How Much Does A Bike Chain Cost?

A bike chain is one of the consumable parts a cyclist must deal with and is probably replaced more often than any other bike bit. Or it should be. While…

bike mechanic adjusting bike chain using service tools

How To Shorten a Bike Chain

If you do all your own bike maintenance, or if you run into mechanical problems out on a ride, at some point you’ll probably have to shorten a chain. Unless…

Shimano 105 vs Ultegra Groupsets Comparison

Shimano 105 vs Ultegra Groupsets

Once you have perfected your cycling tan lines the next logical step is to invest in a performance oriented groupset.  If you have the pro look, then your bike also…

Shimano Tiagra vs Ultegra Featured image

Shimano 105 vs Tiagra Groupsets

You have decided to embrace road cycling in all its Lycra glory. You are convinced that the only thing standing between you and the maillot jaune is a better bike. …

Shimano Tiagra vs Sora Groupsets Featured image

Shimano Sora vs Tiagra Groupsets

The best groupset is the one you don’t even think about when out cycling. You ask it to shift gears and it shifts. You ask it to brake and it…