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Bike Pedals

Our guides to bike pedals for all types of bicycles
Cycle pedals come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be flat, be clipless (sometimes known as clip-in), or even come with old-fashioned toe straps.
These articles will help you choose the right pedals for the type of bike you're riding and where you want to ride them. Whether you use cleats or not
Along with tips on how to choose the right pedals, we delve into the different bike pedal brands, including Shimano (SPD and SPD-SL), Wahoo (Speedplay), Time and Look.
Best Pedals For Folding Bicycles

Best Pedals For Folding Bicycles

The size of a foldable bike is adversely affected by the bits that stick out, meaning folding bike accessories like the handlebar and the pedals. Handlebars fold down on folding…