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Bike Commuting Blogs That We LOVE

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Bike commuting is a wonderful way to stay healthy, save money and help the environment. It can also be fun, especially if you feel inspired.

How do you stay inspired? Online resources are always useful. Shameless plug: here’s our guide to commuting by bicycle.

In this article, we’ll highlight some of our favorite bike commuting blogs. Why not check them out and discover some great ideas and advice?

The 10 Best Bike Commuting Blogs On The Internet      

Below, you’ll find ten blogs that contain a wealth of information on bike commuting.

Bike Commuter Hero

Bike Commuter Hero LogoPin

A blog that offers everyday cycling advice with a focus on commuting is Bike Commuter Hero. Sam, the site owner, is a bike commuter himself. His blog posts answer a wide variety of questions for bike-commuting beginners.

This website provides all sorts of info on bike gear and maintenance. There’s loads of valuable buying advice. It’s easy to search the site for any specific subjects you’re interested in. There’s a good chance of finding useful info when you do.

The Bike Commuter Hero blog is backed up by an active YouTube channel, too. This benefits from the host’s genial presentation style.

Bike To Everything

Bike To Everything blogPin

Focusing mainly on commuting topics, Bike To Everything is an engaging website run by Dylan. It’s loaded with useful info, including lots of helpful content on safe riding and security. These matters are always a primary concern on bike commutes!

Other subjects are covered on this blog outside of bike commuting. The writing is fun to read and punctuated with appealing photos.

Bike To Everything is a celebration of biking and the freedom it brings. The site is easy to navigate, pleasant to explore, and rewarding to linger on.

There are social media channels to dig into, also, with extra advice on bike gear, riding, planning bike routes and more!

Discerning Cyclist

Discerning Cyclist LogoPin

The main aim of Discerning Cyclist is to promote stylish and casual biking attire rather than tight Lycra and clip-in shoes. Many bike commuters will appreciate the desire to look low-key when cycling rather than pseudo-athletic.

But this blog isn’t only about sartorial elegance. There are many posts on cycling equipment, apps, legal issues, safety and security. Labeling itself as an “urban cycling blog”, much of the content is germane to city commuters.

For British commuters, the website includes a helpful series of city cycling guides. These offer detailed information on cycling facilities and bike paths in big UK cities.

Bicycle 2 Work

Bicycle 2 Work LogoPin

Offering lots of general cycling advice as well as bike-commuting articles, Bicycle 2 Work is well worth a visit. It’ll tell you all sorts of things about bike parts, maintenance, safety and security. Topics are neatly sorted.

There’s plenty in the way of inspiration on the Bicycle 2 Work site. Discover bike-commuting benefits and read inspirational quotes. Find out how to make your bike commute more entertaining. This site motivates and informs.

A set of bike-commuting videos also awaits you on the Bicycle 2 Work YouTube channel. These are presented by Tyler, the founder of the website and a keen bike commuter himself.

Cyclescheme Blog

Cyclescheme Blog LogoPin

Cyclescheme is an end-to-end provider of the UK government’s “cycle to work” scheme. It helps cyclists or would-be bike commuters to save money when buying new bikes for commuting purposes.

Some of the content of the Cyclescheme Blog is UK-specific, but there are lots of entries on commuting issues. There are posts about cycling benefits, bike gear, carrying luggage and cycling for the disabled.

Because of its links to the cycling industry, there are also guest posts from big cycling brands (e.g., Trek). The quality of the posts is high. This blog is well worth a visit even if you’re outside of the UK or ineligible for the scheme.

Bike Commute Tips

Bike Commute Tips Blog LogoPin

The Bike Commute Tips Blog is effectively a time capsule that was most active in 2006-2007, but there are many great posts for you to delve into. Some are about the bike-commuting experience, but there’s lots of advice mixed in.

This forsaken US blog is well written and engaging. You’ll have to tolerate a few dead links here and there, especially when they lead to products. But the pros outweigh the cons, at least until you reach the final post.

You’ll find topics on this blog that aren’t widely covered, like “pregnancy and bike commuting” or the “unbearable dearth of cinematic cycling”. The posts are often entertaining. This was bike commuting in the early 21st century.

Average Joe Cyclist

Average Joe Cyclist LogoPin

A great blog for the everyman bike rider is Average Joe Cyclist, which covers many bike-commuting topics. Invitingly laid out, the website also includes articles on bike gear, safety, bike maintenance, health and fitness.

There is a wealth of cycling tips and how-to articles on this down-to-earth blog. All subjects are neatly categorized so you can quickly find entries you’re interested in.

For anyone looking to ramp up their fitness level, the blog also has a cycling training plans section. Here, you’ll find good advice on how to get fitter and faster. Weight loss and nutrition are other specialties on Average Joe Cyclist.

Two Wheel Gear

Two Wheel Gear LogoPin

A blog that deals with cycling lifestyle and urban commuting is Two Wheel Gear. It comes from a Canadian company that designs and makes cycling backpacks and bags.

On the Two Wheel Gear blog, you’ll find posts on a range of diverse topics. For instance, learn about the fundamental differences between road and MTB biking. Get some advice on which cycling-themed books you should read.

The Two Wheel Gear blog is both searchable and easy to navigate. Its articles give plenty of food for thought even though we’d like more of them. This is a good place for beginners to pick up basic bike-commuting tips.

Wiggle Cycling Blog

Wiggle Cycling Blog LogoPin

Wiggle is a major purveyor of outdoor sports gear and is a leading vendor of cycling kit. The Wiggle Cycling Blog covers a diverse range of topics, as you might expect, but there’s lots of useful stuff in there for bike commuters.

Commuting topics from Wiggle include best commuter bikes and how bike commuting improves your mood and saves money. Learn the “reasons why you will fall in love with bike commuting”.

Wiggle also has a strong presence on social media channels. These include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It’s a company that takes these avenues seriously, as proven by the depth and regularity of content.

Cycle Travel Overload

Cycle Travel Overload LogoPin

Bike commuting and bike touring have certain similarities, like the need to carry stuff on your bike and an emphasis on comfort over speed. For this reason, it’s worth diving into the Cycle Travel Overload blog for great commuter-relevant content.

Many topics found on this site might be of interest to the bike commuter. Discover the best cycling backpacks for commuting and adventures, for instance. Or check out some swept-back handlebars for MTBs to enable a more upright posture.

This is also a good blog for bike commuters with an interest in adventure cycling. Maybe your commute will take you farther than you think?

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