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Best Food Delivery Backpacks And Bags For Bicycles

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Whether you’re a bicycle food courier or anyone looking to carry food, a food delivery bag is the tool for the job.

Maybe you’re a restaurateur looking to deliver food around town?

A bicycle is the ideal mode of transport.

In this article, we’re examining the bike delivery backpack.

You’ll find out what to look for when choosing a bag.

Among our reviewed products, the Packir PK-92Z Large Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag takes top prize.

You can use it as a backpack or install it on your bike with the included rack.

This bag also has a generous 92-liter capacity.

Top 14 Best Back & Bag Options For Food Delivery

If you’re looking for ideas on which food-delivery bag you should buy, you’ll find fourteen great suggestions below.

1. Packir PK-92Z Large Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag with Cup Holder (best insulated overall)



  • Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Capacity: 92 liters

Usable as a backpack or carry bag, the durable Packir PK-92Z Large Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag has a large capacity of 92 liters.

If you don’t fancy lugging it on your back, you can mount it on the included rear wire bicycle rack.

The insulated box of this bag is both sturdy and waterproof.

That means you can preserve the contents in all weathers.

The interior is easily big enough for pizzas, and a 4-cup holder is included.

2. Trunab Insulated Food Delivery Backpack (runner-up)



  • Weight: 4.2 lbs

The Trunab Insulated Food Delivery Backpack is roomy enough to hold nine 10” pizza boxes.

It’s ideal for all food delivery services, including Doordash, Grubhub, PostMates and Uber Eats.

This waterproof backpack includes two adjustable inner dividers.

You can arrange your food for maximum security.

To help you comfortably bear the weight, there is padded back support and a buckled chest strap.

3. Dovoda Thermal Food Delivery Backpack (best backpack)



  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 36 liters

The Dovoda Thermal Food Delivery Backpack is made from waterproof 600D Oxford Fabric, which is a kind of heavy-duty polyester.

This hard-wearing bag has 5mm foam insulation and an easily cleanable aluminum lining.

Thanks to a sizeable 36-liter capacity, this backpack can accommodate up to eighteen 1260 ml lunch boxes or thirty-five 330 ml cans of soda.

You can keep hot food hot and cold food cold for hours.

Other features include a front pocket with Velcro fastening, two cup-holding side pockets, and an address pocket.

Reflective strips keep you visible at night.

4. Freshie Insulated Food Delivery Bag (best bag)



  • Weight: 1.61 lbs
  • Capacity: 49 liters

A large bag that can carry six full-sized pizza boxes or multiple food trays is the Freshie Insulated Food Delivery Bag.

This waterproof and leakproof bag is durably made from 600D polyester.

It’s made with high-quality zippers and strong handles.

A strong feature of this bag is its 3 x 32 oz insulted cupholders for hot or cold drinks.

Insulation comes from polyethylene foam and an aluminum foil interior.

This is a great choice of bag for food couriers from Uber Eats, PostMates or similar.

5. KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag (best for racks)



  • Weight: 3.7 lbs

An ideal bag for a large front bike rack is the KIBAGA Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag.

This bag is ideal for carrying pizzas and bottles of drink and is easy carry with handles at either side.

This lightweight delivery bag has a water-repellent nylon exterior.

When not in use, it conveniently folds flat for easy storage.

6. Komick 37L Food Delivery Backpack (best value)



  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Capacity: 37 liters

The Komick 37L Food Delivery Backpack has a waterproof aluminum liner and 5mm of foam insulation.

It’s made from durable 600D Oxford polyester and has reflective and fluorescent stripes for safety.

For your comfort, this backpack offers thick foam-padded shoulder straps and a chest strap to help you spread the weight more effectively and keep stable.

Other features include four cupholders, an address window and a double zippered closure.

7. Cherrboll XL Insulated Pizza Delivery Backpack (best for pizza)



  • Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 40 liters

If you want to deliver pizzas fresh and hot to customers, the Cherrboll XL Insulated Pizza Delivery Backpack is the ideal carrier for the job.

Features include a side Velcro pocket for receipts, a side mesh pocket for bottles, high-quality zippers, and a clear panel for a logo.

This bag is comfy to transport, too, with padded shoulder straps, a waist strap, a chest strap and a carrying handle.

8. Packir PK-76F Doubledeck Insulated Pizza/Food Delivery Backpack (best for large loads)



  • Weight: 7.58 lb
  • Capacity: 76 liters

If you’re looking for a robust bag that can securely hold large food orders, consider the Packir PK-76F Doubledeck Insulated Pizza/Food Delivery Backpack.

This bag has a substantial 76-liter capacity and a durable quality to back it up.

This backpack has a chest strap and waist strap for stability and includes five feet so you can place it down on the ground easily.

Inside the aluminum-lined bag is a divider and cup holder.

9. ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Bag (best budget)



  • Weight: 1.68 lb
  • Capacity: 37 liters (approx.)

A well-made food carrier for an attractive price is the ISFC Insulated Food Delivery Backpack.

This bag is created from hard-wearing 600D Oxford polyester fabric and has a thick 5mm layer of EPE foam insulation to keep food hot or cold for 4-5 hours.

A PEVA liner makes the inside of this bag leakproof.

The exterior and interior of the bag are also waterproof.

This may be the backpack for you if you want to become an Uber Eats courier on a limited budget.

10. Homevative Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Backpack



  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Capacity: 36 liters (approx.)

Offering extremely good value for money, the Homevative Thermal Insulated Food Delivery Backpack has a confidence-inspiring build quality and uses YKK zippers for smooth opening and closing.

The double-stitched interior lining is made to last.

Oversized, heavy-duty shoulder straps make this food carrier comfortable to carry.

It uses PE insulation, which has excellent heat-resistant properties as well as being resistant to water and grease.

Exterior pockets for drinks allow you to keep cold libations away from hot food.

11. Ibera 2-in-1 Bike PakRak Insulated Cooler Trunk Bag



  • Weight: 1.68 lbs
  • Capacity: 16 liters (approx.)

Though it’s not a commercial food carrier, the Ibera 2-in-1 Bike PakRak Insulated Cooler Trunk Bag gives food outlets an option if they have smaller quantities of cuisine to deliver.

It’s also made by a leading brand, so you can be confident in its quality.

Note: this bag is designed to attach to an Ibera PakRak cargo carrier.

Its features include an insulated liner, a hard ABS base to protect breakables like soda bottles, and a removable, washable liner.

Hand and shoulder straps make it easy to carry.

12. Rubbermaid Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag



  • Weight: 1.55 lbs

For its robust manufacturing, the Rubbermaid Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag comes recommended.

This bag has a hard-wearing nylon exterior and a substantial 2” of polyester insulation to keep pizzas and other foods piping hot.

This bag can carry four 12” pizzas or three 14” pizzas.

It’s ideal for carrying on the cargo rack at the front or back of your bike.

A large ID window lets you display order details and addresses for quick and easy reference.

13. Maxer Insulated Food Delivery Backpack



  • Weight: 3 lbs (approx.)
  • Capacity: 41 liters (approx.)

A well-made carrier with a high-dernier 840D Oxford polyester exterior is the Maxer Insulated Food Delivery Backpack.

This bag is water repellent and abrasion resistant and features reinforced stitching for durability.

This Maxer backpack includes broad, padded shoulder straps and a chest strap for increased stability.

Other features include an interior divider, heat-sealed aluminum foil lining for insulation, four side pockets, and a reflective strip for road safety.

14. FOKICOS Thermal Food Delivery Backpack



  • Weight: 2.71 lbs
  • Capacity: 40 liters (approx.)

Surely one of the most durable bags in our review selection is this FOKICOS Thermal Food Delivery Backpack.

It’s made with 900D Oxford fabric and has thick 10mm foam insulation and an aluminum foil interior to keep food hot or cold for long periods.

This bag has a breathable mesh back, very robust carrying straps and a removable shoulder strap.

It can be used either as a backpack or a messenger-style bag.

There are mesh and zippered pockets on the outside and a top window for order details.

Why Choosing The Right Backpack Or Bag Is Important

There are various things to consider when choosing a food-delivery bag or backpack.

Some will inevitably suit your purposes better than others.

Let’s consider some of the things you might think about.


If you regularly deliver food by bike in inclement weather, of course you need a waterproof bag.

Be aware that no fabric is truly waterproof to the full extent of the word, but most food bags are likely to be water resistant to some degree.

Typically, food-delivery bags are made from polyester or nylon.

Polyester is naturally water resistant, but nylon isn’t.

If either is PU coated, it becomes fully waterproof.


Durability is a hard thing to assess if you’re buying a food delivery bag or backpack online.

However, you can glean certain clues from the specifications.

For instance, pay attention to the denier count in the bag’s material.

A higher figure means better durability.

Be aware, though, that denier comparisons are only meaningful when they refer to the same type of material.

Thus, 900D polyester will have thicker threads and be harder wearing than 600D polyester.

That’s not to say that the 600D fabric isn’t fit for purpose, though.

Other attributes like quality of stitching (e.g., is it reinforced?) or zipper quality are also signs of durability to look out for.

Compartments & Pockets

What kinds of foods are you delivering?

Many delivery bags and backpacks have internal dividers.

These let you separate different foods or different orders.

You’ll always want some kind of separation between hot foods and cold.

Some backpacks have exterior insulated pockets to keep cold drinks away from the hot food inside.

You’ll find other pockets, too, for personal items or paperwork.


You need to consider the quantity of food you deliver before choosing a bag.

With pizzas, consider the largest size you normally carry (e.g., 12” or 14”).

A 30 to 40-liter capacity is average, but extra-large bags can range from 70 to 100 liters.

Backpack vs Bag

By far the most common food delivery carrier is the backpack, at least for bike-delivery purposes.

It’s quick and easy and doesn’t need any extra hardware on the bike.

But you’ll often be able to attach a food bag to a bike rack if you’d prefer that.

It’s usually recommended for stability that heavier loads are attached to a rear rack, but a food delivery isn’t necessarily heavy.

There are notable benefits to carrying a large bag on a front rack:

  • The bike is easier to mount, unless you use a bike with a step-though frame.
  • You can keep an eye on the load and its stability as you ride.

Traditionally, delivery bikes have often carried their load on the front.

Think of a butcher’s bike or a postman’s bicycle.

What Bicycle Or Other Accessories Do I Need?

Look at the bikes that Uber Eats couriers ride and you’ll see a wide variety of styles, including road bikes, fixies, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, urban bikes and e-bikes.

Video: Setting Up A Bike For Uber Eats

The bike you choose will depend a bit on how you intend to carry the food and where you’ll be riding.

For instance, a road bike is a good choice if you’ll be carrying a backpack on busy city streets. It’s agile and fast.

Bike Racks & Trays

You also have to take practical considerations into account like how you’re going to mount and dismount the bike.

If you carry food on a rack, it’ll often be better to have that rack at the front so you can easily hop on and off the bike.

Video: Putting A Food Delivery Bag On A Bike Rack


Like any other mildly risky activity, the more you ride a bike in an urban setting, the more likely it is you’ll get into an accident.

But you can offset the risk.

A good set of lights is always going to be useful, and you can keep a flashing rear light on all day.

High-vis clothing is pretty much useless if you’re carrying a food delivery backpack, but it’s something to consider if you carry a bag on a rack instead.

Head Protection & Clothing

The stuff you wear on a bike is left to you with most food courier services like Uber Eats.

You may want to wear a helmet or buy some casual bike-specific gear.

Walkable footwear is a must, so a pair of Five Ten biking shoes is ideal.

Any shoe with a moderately stiff sole is okay.

Video: Five Ten Freerider Shoes

Wrapping Up: Conclusion

Let’s briefly go over our food delivery backpack reviews.

In first place is the spacious and well-made Packir PK-92Z Large Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag.

The included rack gives you a sturdy platform to carry it on.

Another great backpack for Uber Eats, PostMates, Doordash or Grubhub couriers is the Trunab Insulated Food Delivery Backpack.

This is a well-made bag that can be easily divided inside for pizzas and food trays according to your needs.

Superbly constructed from 600D Oxford polyester is the Dovoda Thermal Food Delivery Backpack.

This backpack has generous cup-holding pockets on both sides so you can store cold drinks away from hot food.

We hope this article helps food delivery couriers to find the product they need for their work.

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