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Best Bike Trails And Rides In Long Island

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Long Island is known for its beautiful beaches and vineyards, as well as being the place where Manhattanites go to escape the heat of the city in the summer. The island has many scenic bike trails that can offer fantastic views, wildlife, and that all-important fresh coastal air.

Here are some of our favorite trails for cycling in Long Island, all with great views.

The 3 Best Long Island Biking Trails And Rides

1. Caumsett State Historic Park

Caumsett State Historic Park sits on Lloyd Neck peninsula and can offer some incredible views across Long Island Sound from tall bluffs within the park. The park has 27 miles of trails that can take you through woodland and meadows with opportunities for wildlife viewing.

There is a mixture of paved and unpaved trails of varying distances. There are also sites of historical interest within the park, such as the 18th-century manor house.

2. Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway

The Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway has recently been extended and now runs almost the entire length of Jones Beach Barrier Island from Jones Beach State Park to Captree State Park.

The trail is around 15 miles and offers stunning views of the beaches and water on both sides of the greenway. There are shorter sections of the route if you don’t want to cycle the entire length, with parks and restrooms along the way.

3. Jones Beach Bikeway

Officially known as the Ellen Farrant Memorial Bikeway, the Jones Beach Bikeway runs alongside the Wantagh Parkway from Cedar Creek Park and eventually links with the Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway at Jones Beach State Park.

The trail offers views of marshes, islands, and channels as you make your way south to the barrier island and the Atlantic Ocean.

Bike Rentals And Tours Around Long Island

Short and sweet…

Bike Laws

These are just a few of the New York bike laws that may apply to you. This is not legal guidance and it’s always recommended that you research the laws for yourself.

  • Helmets are required for all children under 14. It’s not a legal requirement for adults unless the adult is a working cyclist. Here’s some cool helmets for kids that we like.
  • Biking while intoxicated is not expressly against the law and may not lead to a DUI charge unless your bike has a motor attached. However, you may face other charges, including public endangerment through reckless cycling.
  • Group riding on roads is not allowed. No more than two abreast on roads, except when being overtaken – then you must ride single file. On designated bike lanes, you can ride more than two abreast if there’s enough space, except when passing another path user you must ride single file.
  • A bell is required on all bikes in New York State.
  • Reflectors and white headlight/red taillight are required for riding a half-hour after sunset until a half-hour before sunrise.
  • E-Bikes can be legally ridden on roads that have speed limits of 30 mph or less. They can also be ridden on some bike lanes and bike paths but not all.

Final Words

Long Island offers many trails and bikeways that can make cycling easy, fun, and safe. And some of the trails can also be easily linked if you want to extend your route.

While we have included a few of these great trails, there are more to check out. Maybe you have a favorite that we didn’t include? Tell us about it. And remember to share this with your fellow cyclists.

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