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Best Trunk Bike Rack

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to carry a bike on a car is with a trunk bike rack.

It doesn’t need any other parts to work, like a receiver hitch or crossbars, and it saves you from getting the inside of your vehicle dirty.

In this article, we’ll review several trunk-mounted bike racks under different categories, including the Thule OutWay 2-Bike Trunk Bike Rack at the top of our list. This is a unique platform-style carrier with strong anti-theft features.

Which is the best trunk bike rack for you? We’ll help you find out.

Top 11 Best Trunk-Mounted Bike Racks

Without further ado, let’s look at a diverse selection of trunk bike racks and examine the strengths and weaknesses of each.

1. Thule OutWay Platform 2-Bike Trunk Bike Rack (best overall)

Thule OutWay Platform 2-Bike Trunk Bike Rack in Black/Aluminium colorPin


  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 66 lbs. total
  • Max Wheelbase: 1270 mm
  • Weight: 27.6 lbs.

For its innovative design and exceptional stability, the Thule OutWay Platform 2-Bike Trunk Bike Rack takes our prize as the best overall rack. Unlike any other trunk rack on the market, this one uses a platform system to hold your bikes sturdily in place.

The “Outway” part of its name refers to this rack’s ability to hold your bikes above the vehicle lights and registration plate. A slight downside is that you have to lift the bikes higher to achieve this, but it’s a price worth paying. It also leaves any hitch clear.

A perk of platform bike racks is their ability to hold a wider variety of bikes, whereas hanging-style trunk racks struggle to hold bikes without crossbars. The Thule Outway supports bikes with tires up to 3” wide and holds onto frames with AcuTight clamps.

Thule AcuTight technology acts as an anti-theft measure for your rack and locks it to the car. It also locks your bikes to the rack. This security feature is relatively rare in trunk racks and one reason you might be willing to pay more for this one.

A downside of this rack is its modest 33 lbs. per bike weight limit, which is at least 12 lbs. lighter than you’d likely enjoy with a hitch-mounted platform rack. That does make the height of the bikes less of an issue, however.

What We Like

  • Innovation – platform design unique among trunk-mounted racks.
  • Versatile – holds a wide variety of bikes.
  • Stable – very little movement in bikes during transit.
  • Security – lock the rack to the car and your bikes to the rack.

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – 33-pound bike capacity is a tad low.
  • Expensive – pricier than many hitch racks.

2. Yakima Fullback Premium 2-Bike Trunk Rack (runner-up)



  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike.
  • Weight: 23.5 lbs.

A close runner-up for its excellent security features and construction quality is the Yakima Fullback Premium 2-Bike Trunk Rack. This rack also comes in a 3-bike version and has a contemporary, glossy design that looks good on any car.

The rack is fully padded at contact points to protect the finish of your vehicle and attaches using an intuitive four-strap system. Thanks to the integrated SKS lock, you can lock your bikes to the rack, which is already secured to the vehicle.

When you have two bikes loaded onto this rack, you lock the outer bike to also secure the inner bike. This is great if you have two bikes loaded, but you can’t lock a single bike to the rack as the integrated lock won’t reach it. So, that’s a potential downside.

Another downside, which is almost universal in trunk-mounted racks, is that you may need a crossbar adapter to install bikes without a horizontal top tube (aka crossbar).

Back to the plus points: this is still an outstanding rack that secures your bikes with Yakima’s SuperCush ZipStrip cradles. It’s compact for easy storage and includes the manufacturer’s signature bottle opener to aid with refreshments on the road.

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What We Like

  • Security – integrated lock prevents casual theft of two bikes.
  • Protective – rubberized padding protects vehicle finish.
  • Compact – easy to store at 30” L x 25” W x 22” H.
  • Strong – robust construction & attractive gloss finish.

What We Don’t Like

  • Lock – you’d need to buy a separate lock to lock a single bike.
  • Crossbar – bikes without a high-up top tube may need an adapter.

3. Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack (best for car with spoiler)

Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack in Black colorPin


  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike.
  • Weight: 9 lbs.

With its distinctive arching design, the Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack is an excellent choice for a car with a spoiler. In fact, it’s a product worthy of any compatible car and is widely lauded among users and reviewers.

The Saris Bones is a lightweight rack, and yet its injection-molded plastic frame is the strongest frame on the market, so says the maker. There’s nothing to refute this claim. For eco-conscious buyers, the rack is made with 100% recyclable materials.

A benefit of the plastic frame is of course that it can’t rust, as a steel frame might if the paintwork is chipped. It’s lighter than most competing products, too, at just 9 lbs.

The Saris Bones is very protective of your car, with articulated rubber feet to prevent scratches. It also has anti-sway straps to securely hold your bikes and help prevent them from bashing into each other.

As is typical, a downside is the likely need for a crossbar adapter on some bikes unless they have conventional top tubes (e.g., “men’s” road bikes). A more individual problem is the strap excess in this rack that could do with some integrated management.

Potential drawbacks aside, this is still a sturdy rack that’s easy to use and adjust and doesn’t shock too much with its price.

What We Like

  • Strong – unyielding injection-molded plastic inspires confidence.
  • Rust-free – completely sidesteps potential for rust.
  • Lightweight – one of the lightest racks at 9 lbs.
  • Eco-friendly – 100% recyclable materials.

What We Don’t Like

  • Strap excess – flailing strap ends could use some in-built management.
  • Adapter – some bikes will need a crossbar adapter.

4. Thule Passage 911XT 3-Bike Trunk Rack (best for protection)



  • Bike Capacity: 3
  • Weight Capacity: 105 lbs. total
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs.

A common concern when using a trunk-mounted bike rack is whether it will damage the finish of the vehicle or your bikes (not necessarily in that order). The Thule Passage 911XT 3-Bike Trunk Rack goes to great lengths to avoid both.

To avoid tarnishing the paint on your car, this Thule rack includes reassuringly broad cushioned pads. The bikes are held away from the vehicle, so they shouldn’t touch it. Then, for the bikes, anti-sway cradles stop them from clattering into each other.

The vinyl-coated hooks of the Thule Passage also protect the edges of your trunk, though you might feel inclined to add a layer of tape to those to make sure.

Thule claims that the narrowly spaced arms of the rack accommodate a wider range of bikes, including kids’ bikes. But the likelihood is you’ll still need an adapter for many bikes without a tall crossbar (e.g., “women’s” bikes).

Overall, this is still a well-made and well-thought-out product that you can buy with confidence. A 2-bike version also exists.

What We Like

  • Vehicle protection – contact points are padded or coated
  • Bike protection – anti-sway cradles help avoid bike clashes.
  • Quality – high-quality manufacturing.

What We Don’t Like

  • Crossbar – be ready to buy a crossbar adapter for non-diamond bike frames.

5. Hollywood Racks Gordo 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack (best for beach cruisers)



  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike
  • Weight: 13.25 lbs.

Bikes with long wheelbases can be a problem for trunk racks because the arms are typically too close together to hold the bike stably. The Hollywood Racks Gordo 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack addresses this problem.

Thanks to the 22” spacing between its arms, the Hollywood Racks Gordo can carry beach cruisers, townies, choppers, and recumbent bikes with ease.

The vinyl-coated arms help protect the finish of your bikes, as do the included four foam pads, which you use to keep bikes separated. There are also foam pads on the frame of the rack to protect the finish of your vehicle.

Robustly constructed from steel, this rack has a durable powder-coated finish to help prevent chips, scratches, and rust.

So, what’s going to put you off buying this rack? You still may need top tube adapters to install bikes with non-conventional frames (i.e., the very bikes you might be installing on this rack). Otherwise, some bikes may hang at awkward angles.

This is another rack that could do with a strap-management solution to tidy up dangling straps. But that’s minor against the excellent functionality of the product.

What We Like

  • Wheelbase – the perfect product for bikes with uber-relaxed geometries.
  • Strong – steel construction with powder-coated finish.
  • Protection – vinyl-coated arms and foam to protect bike frames & car finish.

What We Don’t Like

  • Crossbar – you may need crossbar adapters for bikes without top tubes.
  • Straps – loose strap ends could use integrated management.

6. Allen Sports S104 Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack (best for multiple bikes)



  • Bike Capacity: 4
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

Allen Sports is good at providing bike-carrying solutions for a reasonable price, and so it is with the S104 Premier 4-Bike Trunk Rack. Despite weighing only 12 lbs., this rack can support up to 140 lbs. of bike, making it ideal for families.

The S104 achieves this feat with 21” long carrying arms and four individual pairs of dual compound tie-down cradles with rubberized straps. To protect the finish and form of your car, oversized pads help to avoid any hard contact or pressure points.

A common downside that applies here is that the metal hooks (seemingly uncoated) have the potential to damage the finish at the edges of your trunk. One remedy for this is wrapping duct tape around them.

Yes, you still need to buy a crossbar adapter to easily install some types of bikes (e.g., beach cruisers, kids’ bikes, some MTBs).

Overall, this is a sturdy rack with a patent-pending design that suits many types of vehicles. Unless you need lockability, you can’t go far wrong.

What We Like

  • Strong – alloy steel construction for solid rack frame.
  • Long – lengthy 21” arms hold four bikes comfortably.
  • Protection – large pads protect vehicle finish.
  • Cradles – dual compound cradles for a secure grip and bike protection.

What We Don’t Like

  • Adapter – you’ll need crossbar adapters for any awkward bikes.
  • Hooks – you may want to tape up the hooks to avoid edge scratches.

7. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B Deluxe 1-Bike Trunk Rack (best for weight capacity)



  • Bike Capacity: 1
  • Weight Capacity: 55 lbs.
  • Weight: 8.48 lbs.

Most trunk mounts have a weight capacity of 35 lbs. per bike, which rules out heavier bikes like e-bikes. The Tyger Auto Deluxe 1-Bike Trunk Rack bucks that trend with its mighty 55 lbs. load capacity.

You don’t have to load a heavy bike onto this rack, of course. It’ll hold any bike securely in soft cradles designed to protect the finish of the bike. Generously sized rubber bumpers on the rack prevent damage to your car, too.

This is a product that arrives 100% assembled, so you won’t be spending an inordinate amount of time working out how it goes together. Note: the design does not suit cars with spoilers. Most other minivans, SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans are fine.

Robustly made from steel, this rack has an e-coated (electrodeposition coating) finish to protect it against chips, scratches, and rust.

As usual with hanging-style racks, you’ll need a crossbar adapter for a bike that doesn’t have a horizontal top tube. Diamond-framed bikes are fine, but bikes with step-through frames are not.

There is also concern about the spring-loaded clips that tension the straps on this rack. Failure in these could lead to the rack falling. You can improvise a solution by tying the loose strap ends back around beneath the clips as a backup measure.

The rack comes with a safety strap to keep the wheels still during transit.

What We Like

  • Weightlifter – carries a bike of up to 55 lbs.
  • Durable – sturdily made from steel with rust-resistant finish.
  • Ready – arrives 100% assembled.
  • Protects – padding & rubberized parts to protect vehicle and bike.

What We Don’t Like

  • Adapter – you’ll need a crossbar adapter for a bike without a top tube.
  • Clips – spring-loaded tensioning clips cause anguish (improvise a solution).

8. Hollywood Racks F1B Original Trunk Bike Rack (easiest to use)



  • Bike Capacity: 3
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

Designed in 1973, the Hollywood Racks F1B Original Trunk Bike Rack is a product with a proven track record. It also happens to be one of the easiest racks to install and use. Putting it together is a non-issue because it’s delivered pre-assembled.

One reason for the rack’s ease of use is the simple 3-position hinges that you set in the best position before loading the rack onto the trunk. Ideally, you need the arms of any trunk rack angled upwards slightly. You then secure the rack to the car with four straps.

Large, rubberized pads ensure the finish of your vehicle isn’t damaged with the rack frame against it. When you’re not carrying bikes, the rack folds flat for convenient storage. The rack is so easy to install that it’s unnecessary to leave it on the car.

There are precious few downsides to this rack. It’s priced well and works well. One generic problem remains: you’ll need to budget for crossbar adapters if you intend to load bikes with step-through frames or sloping top tubes.

What We Like

  • Heritage – a design that’s been working for 50 years.
  • Easy – assembly is done for you, and it’s straightforward to install.
  • Protects – foam & rubber parts to protect the finish of bikes & cars.

What We Don’t Like

  • Crossbar adapter – you’ll need an adapter for bikes without a horizontal top tube.

9. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted 1-Bike Rack (most portable)



  • Bike Capacity: 1
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs.
  • Weight: 5.95 lbs.

The weight of a rack might matter for a couple of reasons, but what if you need to carry one in a backpack? You might need that for a few reasons, and the Allen Sports Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack is ideal for this purpose.

A heavy bike rack may be more awkward to install, not to mention the greater pressure it exerts on your car. Thus, a lightweight rack below 6 lbs. has appeal. You can fold it up small if you do need to carry it about.

What about features and functionality? It supports the same weight of bike as most other trunk racks but connects via three straps as opposed to the common four. This has no apparent effect on keeping the bike stable.

The compact frame is made from alloy steel. Technically speaking, all steels are alloy, but the implication is that elements within the metal make it light and strong. The metal has a powder-coated finish for durability and rust resistance.

As is typical with most trunk-mounted racks, bikes with step-through frames will need a crossbar adapter on the Allen Sports rack. Indeed, Allen Sports sells such an adapter at a more economical price than many manufacturers.

One gripe with this rack is that it can be awkward to fold up with pins that are a bit hard to push back into their holes. Once folded it’s eminently compact and portable.

What We Like

  • Lightweight – weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • Portable – fits easily into a backpack or bag (comes with a bag).
  • Functional – no discernible compromise in functionality.

What We Don’t Like

  • Crossbar adapter – you might need a crossbar adapter.
  • Pins – can be hard to push pins back in for folding.

10. Thule Gateway Pro 2-Bike Trunk Rack (best for security)



  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs.

Provided you’re carrying two bikes and not only one, the Thule Gateway Pro 2-Bike Trunk Rack offers rare lockability in a trunk rack. It’s not a perfect system, but it provides a bit of protection against casual theft.

Like the Yakima Fullback, you need to have two bikes loaded to this bike for the in-built lock to work. The idea is that the outer locked bike also locks the first bike in. Of course, you can add your own locks to the rack anyway as a more effective deterrent.

Bear in mind that security on a trunk rack is never robust enough that you can leave the bikes alone for a significant duration. It’s more about putting obstacles in a thief’s way so you can nip into an open-fronted shop for a minute.

Other features of the Thule Gateway Pro include a 6-strap tightening system, adjustable and foldable bike rack arms, and compact cradles to hold bikes in place. This rack is easy to install, too.

The usual caveat exists about crossbar adapters. You’ll probably need to buy one before you can install any bike without a horizontal top tube.

What We Like

  • Lockable – you can lock two bikes to the rack (not one).
  • Construction – well-made, lightweight product.
  • Easy – simple tool-free installation.

What We Don’t Like

  • Adapter – you might need a crossbar adapter for non-standard bikes.
  • 1-bike security – you need two bikes loaded for integrated security to work.

11. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack (best budget)



  • Bike Capacity: 2
  • Weight Capacity: 35 lbs. per bike
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.

All Allen Sports bike racks represent great value for money, and the Deluxe line is especially good for anyone on a budget. That’s the case with the Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack, which does its job efficiently.

The only features you don’t get with the Deluxe models are sophisticated extras like dual-compound feet and the patented Quick Snap set-up. Basic functionality is unaffected, so you’re still getting a good deal.

Features of this rack include individual tie-downs to secure bikes and keep them apart, a padded lower frame to protect the bike’s finish, and four foam buffers to protect the car’s finish. The design uses side straps to enhance stability.

There are no real downsides to speak of except the same generic problems that exist with many trunk racks. You’ll need a crossbar adapter to install some types of bikes and the metal hooks that attach to the trunk might need taping to avoid scratches.

Mostly, this is just a good buy for the money.

What We Like

  • Price – good price from a reliable brand.
  • Stable – side straps enhance bike stability.
  • Protection – padded protection for bikes and the car.

What We Don’t Like

  • Crossbar – you’ll need a crossbar adapter for some bikes.
  • Hooks – cover the hooks if necessary to prevent scratching.

Why Use A Trunk Rack For Your Bikes?

There are a few reasons to choose a trunk rack for your bikes over any other rack type.


On the whole, trunk-mounted bike racks are cheaper than hitch-mounted racks, though there is certainly some crossover in prices. If you don’t have a receiver hitch on your vehicle, that price difference potentially escalates.

Having a receiver hitch installed on a vehicle is likely to cost you several hundred dollars. Mechanically minded buyers can install one themselves without too much trouble, but many laypersons will not want to attempt this.


Carrying on from the previous point, most cars, SUVs, and minivans will accept a trunk rack of one design or another. The rack installs quickly onto the rear of the vehicle—simple!

Read more:

Installing a hitch-mounted rack or a roof-mounted rack is generally not as easy, though each rack type has its benefits.


There may be situations where you need to carry a bike rack to a vehicle or switch it between vehicles. This is all easy if the rack only weighs a few pounds and folds into a compact or flat package.

Hitch racks and roof racks are not portable. Indeed, they’re often left permanently in situ to avoid having to reinstall them. This is not usually necessary or desirable with a trunk rack, though you can sometimes access the trunk as long as bikes are not loaded.


As compared to a roof rack, you can see the bikes on a trunk-mounted rack while you drive. This avoids the nightmarish possibility of driving into low barriers or garages and wiping out your bikes because you forgot they were there.

Three Bikes Mounted On A Trunk RackPin
Courtesy: Grant on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Are There Bike Types That I Cannot Carry On A Trunk Rack?

There are certainly some bikes you cannot normally carry on a trunk rack.

The vast majority of trunk-mounted bike racks have a 35 lbs. per bike weight limit, so that excludes many chunky steel MTBs, fat bikes, and most e-bikes.

These bikes are difficult to accommodate on most rack types, but hitch-mounted racks are more likely to accept heavy or bigger bikes.

Platform-style hitch racks are usually best for the heaviest bikes, and they’re inherently the most secure for valuable bikes. Fat bikes are awkward because their tires don’t fit into tire cradles and the bikes weigh more than many racks can carry.

As we noted many times in the reviews above (for anyone dipping into them), bikes without horizontal top tubes often need a crossbar adapter before they install onto a trunk rack. This is also true of hanging-style hitch racks.

This need for a crossbar adapter for some bikes takes many buyers by surprise.

Bikes that are likely to need a crossbar adapter include cruisers, children’s bikes, BMX bikes, full-suspension MTBs, and any bikes with step-through frames. Though it seems sexist, this also includes traditional “women’s bikes” without the tall top tube.

Video: Using A Crossbar Adapter To Carry A Cruiser On A Trunk Rack

Features To Consider When Choosing A Trunk Bike Rack

There are several features to think about when choosing a trunk-mounted bike rack.

Weight Capacity

Nearly every trunk bike rack you encounter has a 35 lbs. maximum bike capacity. Most of the time, that isn’t going to be a problem, as it permits most bikes to be carried. However, if you’re riding an inexpensive steel bike, it may be heavier than this.

E-bikes, fat bikes, and many folding bikes exceed 35 lbs. However, trunk-mounted racks do exist with bigger capacities (like our reviewed Tyger Auto rack). They just don’t go up to the 70-pound + extremes that a hitch rack can reach.

Weigh your bike using a pair of luggage scales to see how much it genuinely weighs, as manufacturer specifications only ever apply to a medium size or mean average.

You shouldn’t attempt to carry bikes that exceed the stated maximum, as the capacity is not only a property of strength but also the tested capacity of the retention mechanisms. Stick to the “per bike” capacity where it is provided.


Most trunk-mounted bike racks are made of steel, aluminum, or injection-molded plastic. As with bikes, steel is the stronger, less brittle metal, but it’s heavier.

Some manufacturers specify “alloy steel”, which is a non-specific term that might imply extra strength, lightness, and/or corrosion resistance.

One of the downsides of steel normally is its propensity to rust. That’s a reason why some bike racks have a powder-coated finish or an e-coating. As a process, the latter is more precise and controllable, but both offer protection against scratches and corrosion.

Adjustable Arms

Occasionally, you might find a rack with individually adjustable arms. These can help the rack carry bikes with a variety of geometries and keep them reasonably level.

Trying to install bikes without a top tube onto non-adjustable arms leaves them at awkward angles, at best, which often means the wheels stick out at the side of the car.

If you’re lucky, adjustable arms may prevent you from needing a crossbar adapter, but the adapters are cheap enough that this feature might not be worth pursuing.


On the vast majority of trunk-mounted bike racks, bikes are secured to the rack using soft cradles and ratcheting rubberized straps. You’ll find various refined designs and fancy names for them, but the basic idea is usually the same.

Sophisticated products may have features like “dual compound” cradles, which use two materials with different properties (e.g., softness and strength) for the best effect.

Many cradles are “anti-sway” cradles, designed to limit movement in bikes during transit. These are especially important when carrying multiple bikes, as they help prevent them from clattering into each other.

Vehicle Protection

All trunk-mounted racks nominally offer some vehicle protection with foam or rubber pads that separate the rack’s frame from the car. The bigger these pads are, generally the better, as the increased size spreads the load and makes damage less likely.

A weak point in many trunk racks lies in the hooks that secure the straps to the edges of your trunk. Often these are metal, and as such, they have the potential to scratch, especially if they move.

You can improvise a solution with these hooks by taping them up or applying a spray-on rubberized finish to them. Just be aware that this problem is quite common.


Right off the bat, if you need to lock a bike to a rack that locks securely to a car, you’re better off with a hitch-mounted rack. Even then, you might get your bikes stolen if you leave them long enough. The cable locks they often use are vulnerable.

You can buy some trunk-mounted racks with integrated locks. We feature three of them among our reviews. They’re not perfect systems, but they do prevent casual thieves from strolling up to your car and lifting bikes straight off.

Bike-rack security is especially useful if you envisage traveling alone. In that case, it lets you pop into gas stations or open-fronted stores for a minute or two. And you can always add a thick U-Lock to complicate matters for a thief.

Trunk racks that are anchored to the inside of a locked car cannot be stolen by thieves without cutting the straps and rendering them useless. To that extent, some lockable racks are secure.

Trunk Bike Racks: FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to questions commonly asked about trunk bike racks.

How Do I Carry Step-Through Bikes On My Trunk Mounted Bike Rack?

The best way to carry a bike with a step-through frame is to invest in a crossbar adapter. These are relatively inexpensive if you shop around and can avoid damage to awkwardly mounted bikes.

Are Trunk Racks Secure?

Trunk racks are secure as long as you take the time to tie everything down and make sure everything is tensioned correctly and working properly. You can always add your own cords and straps for added peace of mind.

Do Trunk Bike Racks Damage Your Car?

Bike racks don’t damage every car as a matter of course, but they certainly have the potential to damage some cars. This can often be avoided if you pay attention to details like the finish on the attachment hooks or how close the innermost bike is to the car.

Do Car Bike Racks Damage Bicycles?

Some bikes do get damaged on racks. This is usually a result of multiple bikes knocking into each other and can be avoided by placing padding between bikes or securing wheels to frames.

How Fast Can You Drive With A Trunk Bike Rack?

Bike rack manufacturers make varying recommendations for how fast you should drive with a rack attached, ranging from 65 mph or 70 mph (Saris) maximum to observing local traffic laws (Thule).

Time To Rack Off: Conclusion

The time has come to revisit our reviewed products. In first place is the outrageously innovative Thule OutWay Platform 2-Bike Trunk Bike Rack. Uniquely, this offers the stability of a platform-style rack as well as including security features.

For its build quality, lockability, and refined cradle designs, the Yakima Fullback Premium 2-Bike Trunk Rack takes our second spot. You even get Yakima’s novelty bottle opener for refreshments on the road.

The legendary Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack comes in third as a rack that bestrides rear spoilers. But this arching rack is much more than a shape with its lightweight and strong injection-molded frame and eco-friendly credentials.

Trunk-mounted bike racks offer a simple, often affordable solution to carrying bikes without needing any mechanical attachment. We hope our article inspires you to get one installed and hit the road for some bike adventures!

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