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Road Bikes

Everything you need to know about road bikes
From performance to budget, we cover the full spectrum of road bicycles. Whether you are looking to buy a road bike, adding accessories, upgrading the components or just want to know more about road bikes in general to help you ride better - this section has you covered.
Triathlon Bike waiting to be used & a female cyclist riding road bike on summers day

Triathlon Bike vs Road Bike

Road cyclists and triathletes have never seen eye-to-eye. Perhaps it is the sleeveless jerseys or the lack of socks. But when you dig a little deeper it is not just…

Road bike with pannier bags at side of road

Guide To Road Bike Panniers

Just because you own a road bike doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with the grind of the same local training loops. Road bikes may be built for…

Cyclist riding downhill on a road bike

Best Road Bikes Under 2000

It is a crisp morning and you see people out on their bikes. It looks fun. Outdoors in the fresh air, getting exercise and getting fit.  You think, “why don’t…

Road Bike Caliper brakes with pads

Best Road Bike Brake Pads

Brakes squealing? On the receiving end of cursed looks from your fellow road cyclists? Pulling on the brakes and you’re not stopping just as well as you’d like anymore? It’s…