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Guide to Bikes

Your one-stop hub on different bike types

From mountain bikes to road racers, our "Guide to Bikes" section covers every type of bicycle, making your choice of two-wheeled transport a breeze.

Road Bikes - Bike Push

Road Bikes

Designed to go as fast as possible on sealed surfaces, drop bar road bikes are for those who want to get from A to B in a hurry.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road rugged terrains. They feature sturdy frames, wide tires with deep treads, and suspension systems to handle challenging conditions.

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

E-bikes have grown massively in popularity over the last few years. Some riders opt for mid-drive motors, while others will prefer hub-drives.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrids are user-friendly bikes offering an upright seating posture, and a reliable option for mixed-terrain cycling.

Folding bikes

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are a very popular way for bike commuters to get where they want to go.

They fold away into such tight spaces, folding bicycles are perfect for carrying onto trains and buses.

Kids bikes

Kids Bikes

Kids' bikes help young riders learn balance and coordination.

They often featuring adjustable components to grow with the child's changing height and skill level.

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