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Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike Review

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The cost of e-bikes has been coming down over the past few years. Now you can buy one without having to defer a mortgage payment.

One such affordable bike is the Jetson Bolt Pro.

This is a fun little bike with many uses. In this article, we’ll explore the Jetson Bolt Pro further.

  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Gears: 1-speed
  • Range: 30 miles (pedal assist mode)
  • Motor: 350W
  • Battery: 36V 6.0 Ah Li-ion
  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Max. load: 265 lbs.


The Jetson Bolt Pro Is Aimed At…

We said the Jetson Bolt is affordable, but you still need a reason to buy it.

This is a great little bike for commuting. It folds up small, so it’s easy to carry onto trains or buses. It’s not the lightest of bikes, but you can lift it easily by its frame.

Maybe you’ll take it on vacation and use it to explore new areas? You can ride it to the shops, visit friends, ride it on campus or on campsites, or just ride it for fun.

Who is this bike not aimed at? Physically speaking, it’s not ideal for anyone much over 6’ tall, as you’ll struggle to get the saddle high enough for pain-free pedaling.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated e-bike, this is not for you either, though you do get a lot for your money.

You do need to be willing to pedal if you want to explore a bit farther afield.

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Top Features Of The Jetson Bolt Pro

We’ll now explore some of the finer points of the Jetson Bolt Pro.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is used to build bike frames partly because of its strength-to-weight ratio. An e-bike with an aluminum frame is still likely to be a heavy bike, but it’ll still be lighter than a steel equivalent.

The Jetson Bolt Pro weighs 41 lbs. That’s not terrible for an e-bike. The frame also has a distinct, funky shape, with a space for your hand above the battery to grip the top tube and carry the bike. This passes for a handle.

Note that the frame on this bike does not fold, hence it has that compact, contoured shape. Only the handlebar folds down. The folded size is 46.5″ x 19.3″ x 23″.

350W Motor

A good feature of this bike is its 350W motor, which has a bit more power for climbing hills than the 250W motor often found in cheap e-bikes. Like most folding e-bikes, the motor is mounted on the rear wheel hub, so it drives the bike forward.

Single Speed & Modes

There are no gears on this bike, but the good news is that the single speed has a usable gear ratio. In other words, you won’t bust blood vessels trying to push the pedals around or have to pedal feverishly to get anywhere.

The bike has a throttle mode, pedal assist mode, and regular bike mode. The throttle is a manually controllable twist throttle. There are no set speeds, so you only move as fast as you want to move up to a maximum of 15.5 mph.

A cruise control button (& headlight button) holds a comfortable speed for you if you want to relax. You simply press the button once you’ve reached the speed you want.

Li-ion Battery

The rechargeable 36V Li-Ion battery has a 6.0 Ah capacity. This isn’t a huge capacity, but the 30-mile max range of the bike in pedal assist mode is acceptable. It’s roughly what rival products can do.

It takes up to 4 hours to recharge the battery. You can usually expect 3-5 years of use from an e-bike battery or up to 1000 charge cycles, whichever comes first.

Video: E-Bike Batteries Explained


The small 14” wheels on this bike add to its portability and low(ish) weight. Small wheels are also stronger and less likely to buckle.

Their main downside is their inability to roll easily over obstacles, which makes this bike only suitable for smooth surfaces.

Dual Disc Brakes

At this price, it’s 50/50 odds at best that you’ll get disc brakes.

This bike has front and rear mechanical disc brakes, which provide powerful and reliable stopping power in all weathers. Speaking of weather, the bike is also water resistant.

Extra Features

The useful extras you get on this bike include fenders, an analog bell, a rear reflector, a rear fog light, a front headlamp, and a kickstand. There’s also an LED battery indicator to the right of the handlebar.

Some of these features are particularly useful for commuting. Like all e-bikes, the Jetson Bolt Pro is water resistant. This means you can ride it in the rain, but you should never submerge it (e.g., during a flood) or clean it with a high-pressure jet washer.

The Jetson Bolt Pro has many satisfied users online. We searched social media for opinions, and they are favorable. The Twitter post below is one example.

Jetson Bolt Pro Alternatives

As you’d expect, there are alternatives to the Jetson Bolt Pro. We’ll look at three below.

1. Populo 20” Folding 250W Electric Bike With Suspension



Though it costs a bit more than our review bike, the Populo 20” Folding 250W Electric Bike is a more sophisticated machine. It does have a smaller motor, and that’s a downside, but you also get 6 gears, a rack, and a front suspension fork.

With that suspension fork and bigger 20” wheels, you can expect a smoother ride from the Populo bike. It also has a foldable frame, so it’s shorter in length when folded than the Jetson Bolt Pro. It has a 38.58” x 19.76” x 27.56” folded size.

Other good features include front and rear lights, a removable battery and USB charging port, dual disc brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame. As well as a throttle mode, you get 5 levels of pedal assist, so you can moderate your effort.

What We Like

  • Gears – the 6 gears will help you climb hills and pedal at a comfortable cadence.
  • Fork – a suspension fork creates a smoother ride.
  • Extras – includes a rack, two lights, fenders, and a kickstand. The rear light is a rare feature and not included on the cheaper Jetson bike.
  • Levels – 5 levels of pedal assist (the Bolt Pro has one).

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – all those extras push the weight up to 47 lbs. That’s quite a weight if you need to carry a bike onto trains or over obstacles like steps.

2. Vivi 20” Folding 350W Electric Bike



A bike in a similar price range to the Jetson Bolt Pro is the Vivi 20” Folding 350W Electric Bike. This one has the same size of motor, but it has a bigger 10.4 Ah battery capacity, and that helps it achieve a maximum range of 40 miles in pedal-assist mode.

One downside to this bike is its 57 lbs. weight, despite the easy-to-carry claims. It’s easy to carry in that it has an integral carrying handle. The weight comes partly from items the Jetson Bolt Pro doesn’t have, like 6-speed gears and full suspension.

The dual suspension means you can ride this bike on smooth pavement or go off-road. You wouldn’t want to attempt trails that are too bumpy or technical, but this still gives the bike quite a lot of extra scope.

Like most e-bikes, this one has three modes: regular pedaling, throttle, and pedal-assist (PAS) modes. There is only one pedal-assist level, but of course, you can still switch between modes to get the workout you want (or don’t want).

What We Like

  • Suspension – front and rear suspension mean you can go off-road with ease.
  • Gears – Shimano 6-speed gears help you to climb hills and find a comfortable pedaling cadence.
  • Handle – an integral carrying handle helps you to lift the bike and carry it short distances.
  • Range – a 10.4 Ah battery gives this bike a bigger range than the Bolt Pro (especially if you avoid hills).

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – full-suspension makes the bike heavy, despite its lightweight aluminum frame.

3. Sailnovo 14” Folding 350W Electric Bike



A bike that competes with the Jetson Bolt Pro in most respects is the Sailnovo 14” Folding 350W Electric Bike. It has the same-sized wheels, a 350W motor, and disc brakes. You do get a slightly longer range, helped by a battery with a bigger capacity.

One downside to this bike is its weight at around 48 lbs. That makes it a bit of a lump to carry onto trains during commutes, for instance. Part of the reason for the weight is the rear suspension that helps smooth the ride. So, that’s a trade-off.

Like the Bolt Pro, this is not a bike that folds by its frame. It’s the handlebar that folds. The bike does come with a host of extras. There are front and rear lights (including dual LED headlights), a kickstand, fenders, and an LCD.

What We Like

  • Range – slightly longer range and faster max speed than the Jetson bike.
  • Smooth – rear suspension helps counter the bumpier ride that comes with small 14” wheels.
  • Extras – lots of handy features add to the bike’s functionality. It’s an excellent commuting bike (less so if you have to lift it onto trains).

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – features like rear suspension make the bike about 7 lbs. heavier than the Jetson Bolt Pro. That makes it less portable.

Jetson Bolt Pro: Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are asked more frequently than others about the Jetson Bolt Pro.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

The lifespan of an electric bike’s Li-Ion battery is typically 3-5 years or up to 1000 charge cycles, whichever you reach first.

How Easy Is The Jetson Bolt Pro To Carry?

The Jetson Bolt Pro will be easy to carry for many adults because of its medium weight (borderline heavy) and convenient built-in handle. Naturally, it’s not as easy to carry as a lighter non-electric equivalent.

Is The Jetson Bolt Pro Waterproof?

It is water resistant, so you can safely ride it in the rain. What you don’t want to do is plow it through deep floodwater or fire high-pressure jets of water at it. It’s not waterproof in any literal sense.

What Is The Range/Distance Of The Jetson Bolt Pro?

The stated range is 15 miles maximum in throttle-only mode (flat, smooth roads), or 30 miles in pedal-assist mode. If you ride the whole distance at full throttle, you’ll burn through the battery power in about 10 miles (36V x 6 Ah = 216 watt-hours).

Can The Jetson Bolt Pro Be Used Off-Road?

The Jetson Bolt Pro is not designed for off-road use because of its small wheels and lack of suspension. Though it might survive a light trail, a bike like this is only comfortable to ride on smooth pavement. The riding surface also affects range.

Is The Jetson Bolt Pro Folding E-Bike Any Good?

What We Like

  • Frame – a compact, lightweight frame with no joint as a weak point, and an integral “handle” so you can easily carry the bike.
  • Weight – this bike is lighter than many rival products.
  • Cruise – cruise control is a feature not all e-bikes have.
  • Motor – a 350W motor is good to have at the price.

What We Don’t Like

  • Capacity – low-capacity battery limits the range.
  • Assist – only one level of pedal assist.


Yes, the Jetson Bolt Pro is a good bike for the money and is tremendously fun to ride. While it’s not as sophisticated as more expensive e-bikes, it’s good to have a 350W motor and cruise control at the price.  

You can go here to check out the Jetson Bolt Pro. If you’re not a keen cyclist, the non-pro version has no pedals and acts as a scooter.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to comment or share.

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