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Folding Bike Accessories

Folding Bicycle Accessories can make a big difference to your ride
Whether you need new or spare tires for your folding bike, cargo racks and bags or other extra folding bike parts, we have you covered.
We include brands such as Brompton, Tern, Dahon, Citizen and more...
Orange folding bike with lock, fender, and rack in the forest on autumn day

Best Folding Bike Accessories

Now you’ve bought a folding bike, you can take it almost anywhere and ride anywhere. But what stuff can you buy to go with it? This article looks at folding…

Female unfolding handlebar in folding bike

Folding Bike Handlebars – When To Use Them

If you want some of the convenience of a folding bike without the small wheels, folding bike handlebars offer a solution. You can’t usually fold handlebars. That’s the problem. There…

Scaled image of a black folding bike with foldable pedals

Best Pedals For Folding Bicycles

The size of a foldable bike is adversely affected by the bits that stick out, meaning folding bike accessories like the handlebar and the pedals. Handlebars fold down on folding…

Folding bike on a train station platform on an overcast day

Choosing Tires For Folding Bikes

Cycling enthusiasts on any bike know the importance of tire choice. A tire can make you a bit faster, a bit slower, and it can protect you from punctures (or…