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Folding Bikes

Foldable bicycles that you can easily take on public transport

Some cyclists enjoy the convenience of folding bikes when traveling or commuting that has the added benefit of saving space. In fact, some trains and bus operators demand this.

We have numerous reviews of the latest folding bikes, along with tips and guides on how to use and store them in the best way possible for a better commute.

Folding Bike Accessories

In our folding bike accessories section, we cover all the extra bits and pieces that can turn your folding bike into the ultimate workhorse.

Orange folding bike with lock, fender, and rack in the forest on autumn day

Best Folding Bike Accessories

Now you’ve bought a folding bike, you can take it almost anywhere and ride anywhere. But what stuff can you buy to go with it? This article looks at folding…

Vivi M026TGB 26” Folding 500W Electric Mountain Bike

VIVI Folding Electric Bikes Review

Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, Vivi is a competitive electric bike and outdoor sports brand. Among its product range are several folding e-bikes. If you’re in the market for…

Dahon K3 Plus 16” Folding Bike

Dahon Folding Bikes Comparison

Dahon is the largest manufacturer of folding bikes in the world and has existed for over 40 years. Unlike some folding-bike manufacturers, Dahon makes (and has made) a wide variety…

SEOUL Citizen Bike 20" 7-speed Folding Bike with Alloy Frame in gray color

Citizen Folding Bikes Comparison

You need a folding bike. Maybe it’s for commuting or biking vacations. But you don’t want to spend big money. Where do you look? Check out Citizen bikes. Citizen makes…