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Aostirmotor A20 500W Electric Folding Mountain Bike Review

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The 500W Aostirmotor A20 is a great-value electric bike with enough power to conquer hilly terrain and sufficient range for you to relax and have fun.

In this article, we’ll examine the Aostirmotor A20 and its features in depth.

  • Motor: 500W brushless motor.
  • Battery: 36V 13 Ah lithium
  • Range: 18/30+ miles (throttle/pedal assist)
  • Max speed: 25 mph
  • Gears: Shimano 7-speed
  • Tires: 20” x 4”
  • Load capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 64 lbs.


Who The Aostirmotor A20 Is For

The Aostirmotor A20 is a great choice of bike for commuting as long as you don’t need to lift it too often. It’s also good for fun leisure rides on pavement or smooth trails.

The battery capacity isn’t huge, but it’s okay for a bike at this price. You can go on rides of fair duration if you’re willing to pedal.

A 500W motor is a good minimum spec for heavier riders, who should get over most hills on the A20. The exact capability boils down to how heavy the rider is and how extreme the incline is. Pedal-assist mode helps the motor on steeper hills.

In terms of rider height, we’d estimate this bike to be most suitable for people from about 5’2” to 6’. The seat doesn’t go as low or high as some other e-bike models.

Who shouldn’t buy this bike? A detail that stands out is the 64 lbs. weight. You can shave a third of that off with non-fat-tire electric bikes. That could be a deal-breaker for some people. But it’s not unusual for bikes of this type.

The Big Features Of The Aostirmotor A20

We’ve given you some of the key specs of the Aostirmotor A20. Now, we’ll look at the bike’s features in more detail.

Frame & Fork Material

While the bike cannot be described as lightweight, it’d be heavier still if it wasn’t built around a 6061-aluminum frame. This is a material commonly used by bike builders for its strength-to-weight property.

The fork is also made of aluminum. It’s a rigid fork, so please disregard any Amazon description that says it’s a suspension fork. The comfort you get when riding this bike comes from the wide, low-pressure tires.

You can always add a suspension fork to this bike yourself if you find you need it.

500W Motor

The 500W motor of the Aostirmotor A20 has enough power to get most riders over average hills. It’s a stronger motor than you get on many cheaper e-bikes, delivering up to 80 Nm of torque. That’s more than the 50 or 60 Nm of many electric bikes.

Bear in mind, though, that an e-bike with less torque may sometimes have more range as a result.

Video: Understanding E-Bike Power

Battery Capacity & Range

The battery capacity is good compared to some cheap e-bikes. It amounts to 468 Wh of power. That’s enough to carry you up to 18-20 miles in Pure Electric mode (full throttle) or over 30 miles on the minimum pedal-assist modes.

There’s enough range on this bike that you don’t need to limit yourself to short commutes or shopping trips. You can get out on longer leisure rides provided you share the work in pedal assist (PAS) mode.

Bike Modes & LCD

You get the expected three basic modes on this bike: manual, pure electric (throttle only), and pedal-assist mode. The pedal assist mode has 5 levels, whereas many cheap e-bikes have 3 or only 1 level.

The mode you’re in as well as mileage, speed, and battery level can be seen on the bike’s LCD. You switch modes using buttons on the left of the display.

Shimano Gears

Gears are always useful, even on an e-bike usually. This bike has 7 Shimano gears to help you find a comfortable cadence and lighten uphill resistance.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

This bike comes with mechanical disc brakes. These offer better reliability than rim brakes in wet weather and are more powerful.

The Aostirmotor A20 has a 180mm disc brake rotor up front where most of the braking power is needed, while a 160mm rotor slows the rear wheel.

Extra Features

Other features of the Aostirmotor A20 include a front LED headlamp, a protective chainring guard to stop your chain from falling off over rough terrain, and fenders.

Aostirmotor A20 Folding E-Bike Alternatives

There are other folding e-bikes vying for your attention if the Aostirmotor A20 doesn’t seem quite right.

1. Heybike Ranger Folding 500W E-Bike


A strong rival to the A20 is the Heybike Ranger Folding E-Bike. This bike is more expensive than our review bike. You still get the 4” fat tires, but there’s also front and rear suspension.

The rear suspension comes in the form of a shock-absorbing seat post, so it’s not normal MTB-type suspension. But it adds comfort. Suspension adds versatility, too, as you can ride rougher terrain than you can on the Aostirmotor A20.

Other differences are this bike’s step-through frame and a bigger range from its 48v 15 Ah battery. Its 720 Wh of stored power enables a 48-mile max range. The Ranger is 6.5 lbs. heavier than the Aostirmotor A20.

What We Like

  • Suspension – adds comfort and versatility.
  • Range – a 48v 15 Ah battery provides more range than the A20.
  • Mounting – easy to mount and dismount with a step-through frame.

What We Don’t Like

  • Weight – yet more weight, though the suspension adds to it (a fair swap).

2. Sohoo Folding 500W E-bike


In terms of battery capacity, the Sohoo Folding 500W E-bike is between the Heybike Ranger and the Aostirmotor A20. It claims to have a range of up to 65 miles in PAS 1 mode, though the real-world figure is probably smaller.

Importantly, this bike has front suspension. That means it’ll handle rougher ground than the Aostirmotor A20 without torturing the rider. It doesn’t have any form of rear suspension, so it’s a bit like a mini hardtail with fat tires.

This bike has other features the A20 doesn’t have: rear light, rack, and rear-view mirror.

What We Like

  • Suspension – has front fork suspension, unlike the Aostirmotor A20.
  • Weight – weighs about the same as the A20 but has more features.
  • Extras – handy extras like front and rear lights and a mirror.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not much – this bike has a smaller front disc rotor than the A20, so the braking is potentially a little weaker.

3. Aventrek Cybertrack 200 Folding 500W E-Bike


More evenly matched in price to our main review bike is the Aventrek Cybertrack 200 Folding 500W E-Bike. A notable difference is the 48V battery, which enables a slightly faster 28 mph top speed from this bike. Neither of the two has suspension.

The 48V 10 Ah battery also has a bit more capacity than the battery on our review bike (480 Wh vs 468 Wh). Fast 1.5X charging is a nice feature of the Cybertrack 200.

A mild downside to this bike is its 55 Nm of torque. That’s less than the 80 Nm of the Aostirmotor A20, which makes the latter a stronger climber if true. It may also give this Aventrek bike more range.

What We Like

  • Range – a few more miles of range than the Aostirmotor A20.
  • Speed – 48V battery helps this bike achieve a 28-mph top speed.
  • Quick – fast 3A charger recharges the battery in 3-4 hours.

What We Don’t Like

  • Torque – the torque comparison makes this bike a weaker climber than the Aostirmotor A20, but less torque can also enhance range.

Cyrusher ebikes gains a notable mention for A20 alternatives.

Aostirmotor A20: FAQs

What Is The Folded Size Of The Aostirmotor A20?

The folded size of the Aostirmotor A20 is 35.4″ x 27.5″ (Length x Height). The width is not provided, but around 22” to 25” is typical for this kind of 4” fat tire bike.

Where Is The Aostirmotor A20 Made?

The Aostirmotor A20 is made in China and the brand is owned by ELFF Bike Co., Limited. The business is registered in Hong Kong.

What Kind Of Surfaces Can I Ride The Aostirmotor A20 On?

You can ride the Aostirmotor A20 on difficult surfaces like sand, snow, or mud as well as on paved surfaces. The lack of any suspension makes smooth surfaces preferable.

Is The Aostirmotor A20 Good?

The Aostirmotor A20 offers tremendous value for money and offers a lot for the price.

What We Like

  • Power – the A20 has a powerful 500W motor with 80 Nm of peak torque for hills.
  • Capacity – the battery capacity is decent and translates to 30+ miles of range.
  • Disc – powerful disc brakes with a 180mm front rotor disc for prompt stopping.
  • Extras – handy extra features like a front lamp, fenders, and foldable pedals.

What We Don’t Like

  • Suspension – lack of suspension reduces the bike’s versatility, though it also helps make this bike lighter than some of the competition.


This is a fun bike to ride with plenty of range for commutes or leisure rides. Check out the Aostirmotor A20 here.

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